Dragon fruit, Coconut and Lime : A dessert with all the refreshing flavors..

Yes, don't you love all these flavors in a dessert? Imagine when all these come together in a custard dessert.

I have been experimenting with dragon fruit desserts as this fruit adds to the drama in a serving bowl. Even if the dessert is simple, it looks like a killer recipe. A conversation piece at the end of a meal.

I wanted to make a lime (Indian lemons) custard with coconut milk and this trial was successful. A simple egg custard was cooked and mixed with coconut milk powder for a creamy refreshing custard. For garnish I used a slice of my homemade lemon marmalade. Any orange marmalade or Kumquat marmalade will be great with it too. Or just a thin sliver of a fresh slice of lime.

When I finished filling the glasses with this yummy dessert and licked the lemony custard off the pan, it pleased me so much I decided to go outdoors for clicking a few pictures for the blog. The Bael tree in the backyard was shedding leaves and I found my nook to place these glasses.

(2 servings)

a cup of cubed dragon fruit
a cup of coconut cream or 50 gm coconut milk powder
one egg yolk
1 tbsp sugar (you can add more if you find it too bland, we like our desserts lightly sweetened)
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tbsp lemon/lime juice
1 tbsp water
a thin slice of fresh lime or a sliver of marmalade for garnish


Take a round steel bowl (or any non reactive metal) and tip in the sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest, water and the egg yolk. Whisk to make a smooth slurry.

If using coconut milk powder, add 50 ml of warm water to the powder and mix well. Keep aside.

Now heat a cup of water in a small pan and bring the water to boiling point, this is your double boiler.

Place the steel bowl over the rim and start whisking the egg yolk mixture. It will start coating the whisk wires or a spoon when cooked.

Take off the double boiler and mix with the coconut cream.

Now place the cubes of Dragon fruit in serving bowls or glasses and pour the custard over them. Top it with a slice of lemon or a thin sliver of marmalade .

Reserve a few cubes of dragon fruit to place them on top of the dessert.

Chill before serving. Keep the glasses covered with foil when chilling in the refrigerator.

I am planning to make this custard with oranges too. How cool a dessert would look if a juicy slice of fresh orange will be on top. I would like to caramelise the orange slice may be.

Lemon was great too.

I make my fruit preserves and marmalade only to use them in my cakes, muffins or for such desserts. We never have them slathered on bread or toast.

Do you use your preserves for desserts?


  1. looks delicious... i particularly like the settings!

    1. Thank you. I know you are a nature lover...:-)

  2. I just had to pop in and see this recipe after I read the title. Such a wonderful blend of flavor ingredients, especially the dragon fruit. Also, I love the presentation you did, clever! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thanks Tina. Welcome to my blog, glad you like it :-)

  3. love this dessert. though we dont get much vaioety of fruits in kolkata(indian varieties are available in plenty) but saw such fruits in bangalore. love the settings.

  4. loved the pics. beautiful and earthy...

  5. the pics and the drinks look attractive... but when I read the combinations... I really doubt if I would dare to drink that... I suspect I will not like it..!!

    yes I just said that ! :P

  6. I understand. Now that I know you.
    Ghosts anyways don't know a drink from a dessert ;-)
    Ghost kya jaaney Dragon fruit ka swaad :-)

  7. what an out of the box idea ... surely a conversation piece or shall i say trophy dessert idea!

  8. thats a different kinda dessert!!

    and u are taking very good food photos nowadays :)


    1. Thank you for the complement on food pictures...These are my point n shoot camera pictures. Natural outdoor light is great.

  9. awesome combination, a perfect drink for this weather. I love the way you have put it. Completely natural. The leaves definitely add a creative touch.

    1. Thanks Deepa. But it's a custard dessert, not a drink :-)


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