Fish fry in a hot peppery spice mix...

 Fish fries are everyone's favorite way to eat fish. Even those who eat fish very occasionally.

For me it is the easiest and quickest way to rustle up a fish meal. Yes, there are times when we eat just fish fries for dinner. Actually pan grille technically, but we call it a fish fry nevertheless. Crisp exteriors and a soft flesh inside.

With a salad on the side I find such meals quite light and healthy too.

This is one of the simple recipes that gets repeated quite frequently. Fresh curry leaves is the only green that is required, in copious quantity though. I find this spice mix the best way to eat more curry patta in such fries.

Tofu is the other ingredient that soaks these flavors well when fried or pan grilled.


fish steaks 6 pieces (about 600 gm)
curry patta 3/4 cup packed (tender curry patta will be better or use a bit less)
black pepper corns 1 tbsp
cumin seeds 2 tsp
ginger chopped roughly 1 tbsp
dry whole red chilly 2 nos.
a small piece of tamarind chopped fine (or 2 tsp paste)
salt to taste
sesame oil to fry (1 tbsp is enough if the steaks have skin on)


Mix everything except the fish and the sesame oil and make a coarse paste without adding any water.

Rub this mix over the fish steaks and refrigerate for about 2 hours.

Heat oil in a pan, swirling the oil so the pan gets coated evenly, arrange the fish pieces with the coating and fry both side.

The coarse spice paste doesn't stick too much on the steaks so you would have to stick it while frying. Some of the spice paste would come off the pieces while frying so take care to collect any loose spice mix in the pan and serve it along the fried fish steaks as it's quite a tasty spice mix and you would like to wrap it up around the fish bites you take.

A side of quick pickled onion slices goes very well with this fish fry as it is fiery hot. The tangy pickled onion rings balances the heat and gives a nice crunch too.

I served a nice Cabbage,  Beet greens and Ginger Sauerkraut with this fish fry too. Sliced cabbage , Beet greens and Ginger julienne pickled in salt water and a little mustard powder. Well, mustard powder was my twist to the sauerkraut as I love such watery pickles with a hint of mustard. It develops into a very flavorful pickle that serves the purpose of a salad as well.. 

A fermented salad makes proteins digest easily. Improves the gut flora as well. Great pro and prebiotic food.

Can your meals get healthier than this?

Being yummy to the hilt at the same time...


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