flax seeds chutney | a dry garlic chutney with flax seeds, sesame and coconut | flax seeds goodness in everyday food

dry flax seeds chutney

 Do not go by the looks. This flax seeds chutney chutney packs a punch and you would end up craving for it at odd hours and wouldn't mind popping up a pinch of it immediately. There will be no garlicky smell and yet the chutney very potent chilly garlic nutty tangy mix...

flax seeds


flax seeds roasted 1/2 cup
grated dry coconut or unsweetened coconut flakes 1/2 cup
toasted sesame seeds 1/4 cup
garlic pods peeled 20 or 1/2 cup
tamarind pods seedless, the size of a large lemon or to taste
dry red chillies 20 or to taste
sesame oil 2 tbsp or a bit more
salt to taste


Chop the garlic roughly and break the red chillies in bits so they get fried evenly.

Chop the tamarind too with a sharp knife so it can be fried to dehydrate.

Heat the oil and tip in the chillies and chopped garlic in it. Add the chopped tamarind too.

 The oil will not be enough to fry the garlic and chillies freely but adding more oil can make the chutney feel oily as the flax seeds, sesame and coconut are all oily ingredients themselves.

So fry the garlic and red chillies on low heat level for a while. Adding salt to the frying mix can hasten the process. The idea is to make the garlic lightly browned and the mixture dehydrated.

let the fried mixture cool and then make a powder with everything else in a coffee or spice grinder.

dry flax seeds chutney

Store in an airtight jar for up to 2 months.

The chutney can be served with any meal as a condiment.

As a sandwich spread with some raw vegetables will be great as well, normally a chutney like this is used for the famous Vada pav of Mumbai.

It's a versatile chutney. I have tried it sprinkled over my plain lentil soups as well. With some of my raw vegetables salads too.

dry flax seeds chutney

What kind of use you can make with such a hot garlicky chutney? You can always add more garlic for added garlicky flavours or adjust the chili heat to taste. This flax seeds garlic chutney is a kitchen staple you would feel blessed with.


  1. Just wondering if the flax seeds need to be lightly roasted for those with delicate stomachs. ( Post being diagnosed hypothyroid 10 years ago, I gathered so much info that i created a website about it, and also had a page there on benefits of flax. I remember reading about some cyanate stuff in raw flax which makes digestion difficult. hence roasting. If you want to have a look :


    1. Thanks for linking the page Suranga.
      I never felt any discomfort with raw flax seeds, though roasted taste better. But I have read both for and against roasting so Would like to know some more before making a statement. Let's find out more, I'll keep posted.

  2. i really like the addition of flaxseeds....i do the same chutney with peanuts,now i'll add these!thanks

  3. Sounds wonderful. I think most Maharashtrians roast the flaxseeds lightly, Sangeeta.

    1. Yes Corinne. Even in UP they roast it to make laddoos and chutneys.
      I use it both ways.

  4. I am yet to give a dry chutney a try, your version looks quite tasty! would go well with dosas na?

    1. Oh yes Parita. With dosas as well as idlies.

  5. I can clearly imagine me having this yummy chutney with thela... What I would give to have a bite of thepla and this chutney right now.


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