Brussel's sprouts with Thyme and browned garlic butter

Everything sounds great in this recipe. And it is.

We rarely see Brussel's sprouts on shelves in Delhi but I make it a point to get a pack whenever spotted. These miniature cabbages are a slightly different dimension to my cabbage love. While I have tried cabbage in almost every form, Fritters, stir fries, salads, soups and even savory pancakes , the Brussel's sprouts are only stir fried for their cute shape. And firm texture...

I used to stir fry them to serve with some steamed broken wheat or couscous, has been a long time I cooked them that way..

These pictures are poor quality but the taste is great, you might like to have your Brussel's sprouts this way too.

Quick and simple. The stir fries with this vegetable are ready to take any flavors you treat them with. Some light aromatic herbs works quite well. This time I had some fresh Thyme and wanted a lightly peppery stir fry with loads of garlic..

Browned butter accentuated the flavors quite well. I tossed some Cherie tomatoes after I emptied the pan in the same butter-garlic leftover grease. That was another dimension to the vegetable platter that day. Cherie tomatoes were plentiful this season in my garden and have been a daily fix for my raw salads. Some days they find their way into the pan this way.

(for 2 large servings as a side dish)

Brussel's sprouts 200 gms
butter 1 tbsp
Garlic finely chopped 1 tbsp
Thyme springs 4-5 or more if you want a potent thyme accent
freshly milled pepper to taste
salt to taste


Cut the Brussel's sprouts in halves or quarters depending on size.

Heat the butter in a pan and before it melts, dunk in the chopped garlic. let the garlic and butter brown together. Take care not to burn. It should be heated slowly till it gets browned evenly. I sometimes add a tsp of fresh cream to this mix so it browns faster and gives a nice nutty taste.

Add the chopped sprouts and Thyme springs together and toss with salt for a couple of minutes. You wouldn't want the sprouts to cook through, a light browning on the edges and a nice crisp interiors would be a great end product.

Add freshly milled pepper, toss again and serve hot. Isn't that simple?

Roughly chopped cabbage can also be stir fried quickly in this seasoning. Just take care to cook it on high heat so it gets glazed without cooking too much. Texture would make a difference.

Now if you have some Cherie tomatoes, dunk them into the same pan after emptying the Brussels sprouts and toss for another couple of minutes. Serve together side by side or in different serving plates.

You might like to mix them together too, but I do not like the subtle flavors to be taken over by this much tomato.

As a stand alone salad like stir fry, the tomatoes were great. Garlic and butter and any herb makes the tomatoes shine.

Within 5 minutes of cooking time my vegetables for lunch were ready.

 That day I had them with Rajma chawal , but I wouldn't mind this platter as a stand alone meal if studded with a few nuts there. And may be a sprinkling of a few cooked pearl barley.

What is your favorite recipe with Brussel's sprouts?


  1. Sangeeta, I love brussel sprouts.....& we too love it with lots of garlic but I use evoo instead of butter.....confession, I have never used fresh thyme :(.......U'r plate looks very inviting....can polish off everything from it right now, even when I'm so full after my dinner....even had a dessert today :)

  2. awesome!!!!!!!!love the simple prep....garlic in anything is yum!nice recipe.

  3. awesome!!!
    i never had brussel sprouts so.if it try would be a first!!

  4. seems really sumptuous!!


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