Pearl barley in a comforting bowl...made easy..

What if a verdant bowl is your's for lunch? And that pretty shade of green is yummy. To top it if the textures are as great. Bliss.

I like pearl barley more in summers because of it's cooling properties. Often I boil 3-4 portions of pearl barley and refridgerate it for my lunches on week days. It is very convenient to mix a few precooked ingredients together and reheat in the microwave, chop a few tomatoes on the side and get going with your yummy healthy meal.

And this meal can perk you up in the small break you take from your desk as these greens have the mood uplifting Tryptophan.

Wouldn't you be glad to pour these three colors in your lunch bowl. A huge bowl to say so.

I keep some boiled green peas and some chickpeas too most of the times. Both are used normally for making a quick hummus or are used to toss a salad in a hurry.

Sometimes they get dunked into the Bathue ka saag (the dip I posted long back made with Chenopodium greens) for a yummy meal.

You can make the Bathue ka saag too in advance and use it for many different things. It works great as a dip for crackers too or  bread spread with some slaw. Normally I use mustard oil with this saag dip, you can go ahead and use Extra virgin olive oil if you wish. Or toasted sesame oil.

The boiled pearl barley can be used either for pasta like meals, mixed up with regular pasta for a better food valueflavorful soup in a cocnut broth or lentil soups with a vegetable thrown in.

Even a normal Indian Daal chawal meal can be replaced by barley and daal. Some curry on the side makes it complete.

Would you start eating barley to replace rice or wheat?

Having variety in grains is a good idea as depending on just one single grain everyday is boring for the body too, not just for the taste buds.

Would it be a satisfying meal for you?


  1. i was just thinking to buy some for the first time

    1. You would be hooked to pearl barley after that. It's great for kids too.

  2. Love the filling and healthy Bajra in my meals..this is a new & good recipe to treasure!


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