two salads with Radish...

Radishes are not every one's favorites. The sharp pungent taste might not go well with many but if seasoned well or dressed well, I have seen known radish haters going for second and third helpings too.

I am the one who can chomp on a raw radish just as it is. Even the leaves. Try the finely chopped leaves on top of some steamed lentil dumplings , ala Delhi's famous Ram laddoo, you would be a convert.

There are a few flavors that work really well with radish. One of them is a winner, with yogurt and walnuts, made with Radish pods.

This recipe with Tricolor radish can be made with any variety of radish.

Others make this post. And I am sure there are many more. These are just the flavors I love and keep repeating.

Radishes love lemon juice. And I love some ginger with it too. This particular salad with long julienne of ginger  is a favorite because of the lemon soaked ginger too.

ingredients for the ginger lemon radish salad...

lemon juice 1 tbsp
ginger julienne 2-3 tbsp or to taste ( if you don't like large pieces of ginger, grate it)
slices of a sweet variety of green chillies 2-3 tbsp (I used a variety called Bangalore torpedo or Bajji chilly)
roughly chopped coriander leaves 1/4 cup
salt to taste
slices of red or white radishes 2 cups

procedure to toss up...

soak everything except radish slices in the lemon juice for a while. An hour minimum. Then toss the radish slices in it , rest for 10 minutes and the salad is ready.

If you want to make the salad instant, grate everything from ginger to radishes and toss up to serve immediately.

I have used the red round radishes called Cherry belle here, but any variety can be used for these salads too. You may find some varieties sharp and some mild, sharp varieties go well with a lemon or yogurt dressing while the mild varieties work well with English mustard.

The salad makes a nice accompaniment to a heavy meal. But it can be a great detox meal after a heavy meal day. What about having a large bowl of this salad for lunch? With a few walnuts thrown in.

The other salad is devoid of ginger but another pungent condiment is thrown in to make the salad pack a punch. Seriously.

English mustard.

ingredients for the radish salad with mustard dressing...

English mustard 2 tsp
sliced green chillies of a sweet variety 2 tbsp
roughly chopped green coriander 1 cup
salt to taste
lemon juice 2 tsp
radish slices 2 cups

procedure to toss it up...

Mix the English mustard with lemon juice, salt and chopped green chillies. Let it rest for about 15 minutes or so. More the better.

Toss in the chopped coriander leaves and the sliced radishes.

Let the salad rest for about ten minutes after tossing it. Serve with a meal as this one packs a real punch. A pungent one. If you want to eat it as it is you can add some sliced carrots and cubed tomatoes to it .

Then it becomes a great stand alone lunch salad. For detox.

Both these salads keep well for the day, even in lunch boxes, even after mixing all up. It gets a bit watery but the taste becomes more intense in both the salads. Keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days.

There are more radish salad in my repertoire. Will be shared soon.

How do you like to eat your radish? Or you are a hater?


  1. Lovely colorful salad, i like those without mustard dressing.

  2. Oh I am a radish lover!! and these days I have started to experiment a lot with Salads as I love having them daily. This is one recipe that came at the right moment for me to try :)

    1. Welcome back Sakshi...long time.
      There are many more salad recipes photographed and waiting. Will be shared soon.

  3. Will white radish be as good? I have white radish on me and here I see you using something that looks like a turnip.

  4. Sorry! I did not read the ingredient list. White radish is just as good, you say. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Love the flavours. Will make it tomorrow.


    1. Yes Anita,any variety of Radish will be good. As long as you like the pungency level it has. You can even make it with fresh Blushing Turnips too.

  5. Oooh... i love both these salad recipes! Have been thinking up of different ways to include the fresh radishes available in plennty now in my diet. this is so good... esp coz i love both ginger and mustard :)

    1. More radish salads are on the way Swati Sapna...stay tuned.

  6. I love salads...these two radish salads look really light and refreshing.

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Rebecca. I wish I could be as active on Twitter as you :-)

  8. This looks beautiful. I have fresh radishes still growing in the garden. I love to use radishes in salads. I think their pepper bite is nice addition to a big green salad. There is another way to enjoy radishes too, roast them with sea salt and olive oil. They are like candy after they are roasted in the oven.


    1. Thanks Velva. Now I have to try roasting them. never tried but coming from you this idea looks like a winner.

  9. Nice blog you have got ... details on tossing of salad is really interesting .

  10. Radish salad looks yummy n healthy.Nice presentation too...

  11. Very healthy recipe. First time here and you have a wonderful space.

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  12. I've been planning to make these salads since you posted. Made it yesterday, and it was just delicious! I tried the first version. Will try the English Mustard version next :)

    1. Great! I always love such feedback. Thank you Smitha.


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