Hungarian Chicken goulash...

Sometimes we just see the ingredient list of a recipe and immediately know we would love the outcome. This recipe of Hungarian chicken goulash was one such experience when Michaela S. Samant shared this on Fb group Chef at large. I instantly knew this was a keeper recipe. Just for the bell pepper bit. The husband is allergic to capsicums/bell peppers and I find myself looking for other varieties of peppers which are milder or sweeter to be used in such stews so the Capsaicin flavor is there to enjoy without the use of bell peppers.

Bread is a normal accompaniment of this goulash and we had it with home baked whole wheat bread.

The recipe is a minimal ingredients wonder. Very few ingredients are stewed in such a manner that it develops a complex flavor as a finished dish. To be mopped off with hearty pieces of bread. Chapatis will be great with  it too.

I did one more change in the recipe to challenge the authenticity, I didn't use any potatoes as I didn't have any potatoes at home. I rarely use them anyways. The authentic recipe of Goulash uses potatoes as a gravy thickener. To thicken the gravy I just liquidised one of the blanched tomatoes being used with the garlic and the red peppers being used. The end product was something which has to be a regular on my table now on. Even with mutton or if I start cooking with beef.

A hot and flavorful stew cooked on low heat while you bake your bread fresh to go with it. A complex sounding recipe even the beginners can handle.


chicken 600 gms ( I used with skin, cut in large pieces: legs and breasts)
onion thinly sliced 150 gm ( I used one large)
tomatoes 220 gms ( I used 3 large red heirloom tomatoes)
bay leaves 3
fleshy mild variety of red peppers 3 (equivalent to one large bell pepper, as used originally)
garlic 5 pods
caraway seeds/syah jeera/shahi jeera 1.5 tsp
hot red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
paprika powder 1 tsp
marjoram to taste ( I used 3 fresh springs)
salt to taste
oil 2 tbsp (any flavorless oil)


Blanch the tomatoes with a cross on the tip and peel them. Chop them into cubes.

Chop the sweet peppers in thin strips. I pulsed the red peppers and garlic cloves together with one of the blanched tomatoes to make the gravy thicker. You can add the strips of peppers and grated garlic when required.

Heat the oil and tip in the sliced onions. Fry them on low heat till they caremalise lightly. Add the caraway seeds and bay leaves, mix well and then add the salt and chilly powders.

Mix them all and immediately and  add the chicken pieces to prevent the chilly and paprika from getting charred and bitter. Keep frying the chicken on medium flame turning frequently. Some of the onion slices would turn quite brown and the chicken should get 3/4th done.

Add the chopped tomatoes, mix well and cook for about 10 minutes more.

Add the paste of red peppers and garlic, and one of the blanched tomatoes if you want a thicker gravy without using potatoes. If using cubes or grated potatoes add them at the right time so they get cooked and mushed up.

Mix well, add marjoram and let it cook for about 10 minutes more, covered on low flame.

Serve hot.

I am sure you would like to repeat this recipe the very next week if not after two days.

Such simple recipe, scant ingredients and so hugely satiating flavors. The heat of the dish would suddenly be enjoyable to even those whose threshold to the Scoville scale ends quite low. I saw one red and watery nose and a pair flaming ears failing to deter the taste buds a couple of days back for dinner...

A hot goulash is normal !!!


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    1. Thank Michaela's a night picture without any lighting instrument used so the color is not that good. It was way better in real :-)

  2. well, i dont eat or cook chicken...but maybe i can ask my cook to make it!!!

    1. Okay it would be for the husband then :-)

  3. wow this is yummiliscious

    look at the color I can never get that color ..


    1. You can's not you, the ingredients bring the color:-)
      Use red bell peppers and bet for the color.

  4. Any alternatives for veggies like me....... :-P This one looks delicious, lovely color....


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