Radish pods, Mungrey, Singrey or Dingri whatever you call it...bring it to your table anyways...

So this is a Salad or a Raita depending on the way you treat it. The way you top it with a thick Greek yogurt or hung curd or a runny yogurt. It is great with some mustard sauce too if you like the piquancy.

Just about a cup of chopped radish pods, 2 tbsp of chopped red onions and some toasted sunflower seeds and some more nuts...chopped walnuts...as much as you like.

It is an indulgence for me and has replaced a lunch many times this winter. All in the name of good taste, good fats from the nuts and some raw green crunch.

A sprinkling of salt n freshly milled pepper, a dash of hot red chilly powder...use paprika if you can't handle the heat on your palate...

Give it all a gentle stir and start chomping it.

I just can't control myself when I toss it up. I so love winters for all this bounty. Of course there are fried foods on our table many a times, and there are some peanut chikki going to dangerous levels sometimes. A generous bowl of such a salad for lunch makes me free to snack on some hot kachori some other times. Or may be a ghee laden Bajre ka maleeda for breakfast leads to a salad like this for lunch .....and it happens a lot in winters. My own ways to work towards moderation....

How do you detox?


  1. Ooooooh!!! slurp, looks sooo good :)

  2. very delicious and healthy salad..we call this sangree and make stir fry with potato :)

    1. Anjana ji, I think this is mongre, the pod of radish plant. Is that also called Sangri?

    2. Yes the same radish pods are known by different names.

  3. looks great :-) and the blog title made me smile

  4. This is why I like your blog...So many interesting food/flavor combinations that I would never think of- I definitely enjoy thick Greek yogurt but would have never thought to combine it with radish pods...So very cool.


  5. Very interesting salad - it looks so refreshing after all the holiday food we've been consuming in this house.


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