a special milk shake with dates...Irani Datteri dates...

We get to see and sample many food products from different places at the India International Trade Fair and we make the most of it. A local foodist otherwise, I go and inquire almost every pavilion that sells food in that huge place. This Datteri dates was discovered at Iran pavilion, the salesman offered a date to taste and i was hooked. It is the season of harvest he informed and that is why we were getting these fresh luscious dates at the fair. Fresh they really were, almost like a jelly inside and sweetness that only a date can provide. The pictures are no good as my camera doesn't seem to be clicking any dark objects nicely. These dates were dark, soft and with a tout skin.

The salesman at the counter told me a recipe to good health seeing my excitement, 2 dates soaked overnight in a glass of boiled milk and blended in the morning to make a shake. We make a dates milk with dried dates , boiling the milk with dried dates for a while and then having it like a desert but I tried this recipe anyways.

Four dates seeded and soaked in 400 ml of boiling hot milk, cooled down and kept in the fridge overnight. I soaked in the same pitcher used to boil the milk in microwave. Blended in the morning using a stick blender in the same pitcher and the milk shake is ready. A really unique taste as i had never tasted this fresh dates in my life. No sugar is required as the shake is mildly sweet bursting with flavors of the dark dates.

The skin of the dates settles down in the pitcher , and feels like parchment when sipped. You can discard the sedimented skin bits , i don't mind chewing on them in the last. Good fiber with some antioxidant packed pigments for sure.

Some cooked oats in this milk will make a nice smoothie for breakfast. I would love some almonds soaked into it if it becomes a lone breakfast in a glass. I seldom like breakfast smoothies but as a day time snack they are most welcome.

How do you like your dates? Or smoothies for that matter....please do not tell me about the green monsters ....I would rather make a thick creamy soup for breakfast.


  1. Although I don't normally like dates, this looks temptingly easy to make and delicious to drink!

  2. This is a great recipe. I am sure shreeya is going to like it. And the Iranian dates just look beautiful

  3. I do this with desi dates as a dessert or for bhog when I hae them handy. Bt., what are green monsters? :)

  4. @ Zephyr...the green monsters are the smoothies people make by liquidizing a lot of spinach or kale, banana or other fruits, flax seeds etc for healthy breakfasts. I could never bring myself to those green monsters as the thought of spinach liquefied with fruits is unappetizing for me :-)
    Those green smoothies are also called grasshoppers i read somewhere :-)
    Funny names na !!!


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