Is that a berry??

Or an inflorescence??

Looks like a berry but encloses a whole lot of flowers inside.

What is it?

The size ranges from .75 cm to 1.5 cm ....

Now you have to guess what fruit , vegetable of flower/inflorescence it is. I gave you a lot of hints and many of you might have seen it i am sure.

Another variety if it you might have had in desserts or ice creams , or may be your smoothies.

Want any more hints?

A recipe coming next :-)


  1. I am guessing it is a variety of grape. No? Yes?


  2. No clue.. but it looks very much like the "Mahudo" tree's fruit we get here in Gujarat... its used to make a desi daru ! :P :P

  3. these are figs. more precisely the Indian figs which are smaller than the regular ones. we call it joggi dumur where dumur stands for fig. make a curry with it Sangeeta. it tastes yum.

  4. The inside part looks like a fig,but fig outer skin is light red and green colour.

  5. to me hey look like 'goolar', don't know what else is it called

  6. to me they look like 'goolar', don't know what else they're called!

  7. @ Velva...grapes ???

    @ hitchy ... The mahudo is called mahua in hindi and belongs to the same family but is smaller and different in color. The dried mahua fruits are edible and i have tasted some great sweet flat breads (poori) with it.

    @Sayantani...your answer is the correctest dear. I know you are such a foodie.

    @Suma...welcome back darling, do you have some south indian recipes with it?

    @ Satya...welcome to my blog and yes, you are right.

    @ Varunavi...this is wild fig and is eaten raw as a vegetable. It gets infested with lots of insects when ripe and turns inedible even when it smells superb.

    @ The do dreamer...welcome to my blog dear.It is gooler, now you know it's called wild Indian fig.

    Read the next post friends, you get the recipe of a spicy curry made with these.


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