guava salad ... chaat style..

As simple as it can get. Chop the guava in cubes , small cubes work best and sprinkle with some powders and you salad is ready. A chaat style salad we love during guava's an almost daily salad for the whole guava season in my home. The reason being simple, guava is one fruit which packs a whole lot of nourishment for you and is cheap when in season.

This chaat salad is great with slightly softened guava, the ones which get ripened in the fruit basket till you finish the best crisp ones. After one or two days some guavas loose the crisp bite and turn a bit soft. That is the time to chop them up for a chaat salad.

The same recipe is great for the very ripe and soft yellow skinned guavas which starts filling your home with a distinct guava aroma. That is the time when no one wants to have them as a whole fruit. Just stake care to chop the very ripe ones into very fine bits and then mix with the seasonings. I has started making this salad to use up all the leftover ripened guavas in season but now i do it with half ripe ones too, just the chopping gets different....and it tastes a lot different.

The seasoning is .... a tsp of sugar per cup of chopped guava, a bit more or less depending on how sweet or tangy the guava is. Some black rock salt, some freshly milled black pepper and a hint of hot red chilly powder. Just these four ingredients bring about a magical make over of the guavas.

This is the salad we eat when we want to eat a lot of guavas , this is something you don't stop when you start eating ....I make it in a really large bowl and we start eating from the same. A really large serving of this salad is great for a late weekend lunch or a small serving for the after lunch fruity treat any day.

Many guava vendors in the north Indian cities make deep slits in the fruit crosswise and fill black rock salt or a tasty mix of chaat masala in the slits before handing them to you. The best way to enjoy a crisp green sweet n sour guava.  But whenever the guavas are a little soft and sweeter, you can always turn them to such salads or this kind of a desi fruit chaat...

How do you like your guava?


  1. wow..i am a big tree of guava..thnks for the post..

  2. I do this one too, except I don't add sugar since we like it tangier. Incidentally, I do this salad with totapuri mango too, which is slightly sweet.

  3. Thanks Zephyr, I have never tried a salad with only raw mangoes. I add raw mango bits to other salads but never alone. But yes, with the mild sweet totapuri this salad will be great.

  4. Hi Sangeeta,

    You have been nominated for the Christmas Blogging Award.

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  5. I miss guava...the salad looks very appetizing.

  6. Thank Abha for remembering me this festive season.

  7. Hey Sangeeta,
    The guava chat is mouth watering.
    i have relocated to Central india recently after a brief stint in Gulf.So all these years I was deprived of this fruit on which now I am binging indiscreetly . I am even collecting special masala given by each vendor and house perpetually smells of ripen guavas.

  8. Sangeeta,
    Did I say I loved yr blog and am soon gonna visit the archives to get to know a new dimension of cooking ?

  9. we too eat guavas at home in this fashion. This is so delicious!


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