lotus stem stir fried in a sweet n sour sauce

The one vegetable which the husband is not too fond of and i want it again and again.This meaty vegetable makes so many nice curries and stir fries and i like having a couple of sticks in my fridge . If a vegetable is packed with nutrition and can be processed in a jiffy you would naturally like it. Tasty it is as it soaks flavors really well and see how it looks gorgeous too...Take a look on some of the lotus stem recipes on my blogs out if you like this vegetable...

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I make a few more recipes with this vegetable, some will be featured in future...Such a beautiful looking vegetable needs to be used frequently , and it is not the exotic pricey types. healthy food doesn't cost much if it is home made.

There is another simpler stir fry with lotus stem i make with spring onions posted long ago , you can try if you have some fresh spring onion in hand . Even in this recipe i would love to have spring onion but regular red onion makes a nice addition too.


one large fat lotus stem ( approximately 150 gm)
one medium sized onion sliced (3/4 cup slices)
finely chopped ginger, garlic and green chillies as per taste , I like more ginger .
soy sauce 2 tsp
tomato ketchup 1 tbsp
lime juice 2 tsp
sugar 1 t
black pepper powder 1tsp
salt to taste (you need less as soy sauce has some salt in it)
oil (i used peanut oil) 1 tbsp


Heat oil in a pan and tip in the chopped ginger , garlic and green chillies.

Once the chopped bits are fried nicely , you need them pink and not browned, tip in the lotus stem slices, onion slices and salt. keep mixing and sauteing the vegetables till you see some of the lotus stem slices get pink and some onion slices too look caramelized.

In the meantime, mix all the other ingredients in a small bowl . Add the mixed sauce in the pan when the vegetables are desirably fried. I like the lotus stem a bit crunchy n chewy and onion slices are a bit crunchy too. You can choose to fry them more if you like that way.

Mix well with the sauce , cook for a couple of minutes with it and serve immediately. This stir fry keeps well in the fridge too and tastes good even when reheated in microwave.

I like it with chapatis or as a side dish with a full coarse meal. Without the onion slices and if the chopped green chillies etc is used in the form of paste it can be a great finger food too....yes , it is that tasty .

I like it hot so the use of ginger , black pepper and green chillies is liberal , you should adjust the heat level to your choice. As a finger food too it would be better to keep the heat low.

Enjoy health with vegetables...


  1. beautiful stir fry. am yet to try lotus stem...looks fab

  2. Wow! this is interesting, never ate lotus stem though I discovered phool makhana sometime back and started liking it..
    BTW, Thanks for stopping by to wish Sangeetha..

  3. Great to know that you experiment with lotus roots so much! This looks very delish and my mouth is already watering! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. This is so healthy n yum .....looks fab

  5. U seem to me a fan of lotus root .. use it all the time :)


  6. You seem to be a fan of lotus root .. use it a lot .. :)


  7. Yes Bikram...i use lotus stem a lot but not all the time.

    I have had issues with my hemoglobin levels since childhood and this vegetable is the richest vegetarian source of iron , although i eat meat too but like my vegetables more.

  8. excellent :) so now a meat recipe too please :)

    Sorry i did not mean it in a wrong way .. there is a smily in the end .. dekho dekho...

  9. ha ha..i know Bikram you like meat more :)
    And i know that you did not mean that way, just thought i should lure you to this vegetable :)

    And when you say i don't like the recipe, i like it ...so few of my readers n friends do comment sincerely n i could you with them :)

  10. Aways wanted to try out this lotus stem. This is the right time I suppose.

  11. Love lotus stem..but don't get it here. Lovely take on it.


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