fresh corn polenta for breakfast....choose healthier carbohydrates and brighter colors for your food...

Corn is an all time family favorite and has been a star ingredient in many of my breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes...It has been added randomly to many stir fries and curries , made into quick soups and roasted , grilled and butter fried for evening snacking sessions . I like both Indian variety of corn as well as the american sweet corn which has stormed into the markets for a few years now. Good for me i know , an easy way to get a great complex carbs full of nutrients and fiber.

Making polenta using fresh corn is a great idea for a quick breakfast fix , or as a side dish if you wish , it makes a convenient meal for me when i am alone.

I usually buy whole corn cobs and shell them with hands or with the help of a knife whatever is convenient , one can also grate them if you want to use them for a recipe like this one , although i feel grating corn on the cob wastes a lot of it's milk and pulp...if you want to make polenta using fresh corn you need all it's milk and cannot afford to waste even a small bit. I prefer giving the corn kernels a quick whiz in my processor so they get into a coarse granular might like to make a smooth paste. You decide whether you want a smooth polenta or a coarse one. I like textures in my bowl so i go for a coarse thing always ...

To make this polenta you just need to crush or grate corn kernels and carrots together in your processor. I used almost equal amounts of both but you can always decide what and how much you want with your corn here , or if you want just corn... Or some other vegetable with it. Your choice rules :)
I processed the corn and carrot (1/2 cup of corn kernels and one medium carrot) along with one fat clove of garlic. Sprinkled with salt to taste and a dash of red chilly powder . Shavings of cheese on top of it and it's ready to go into the microwave.

Any cheese you fancy , i used a block of brittania processed cheese. Just a few shavings as you don't want to kill the taste of fresh corn. Zap in the microwave for one minute , stir and again a trip of one minute into the microwave. Can you beat that ? 

5 minutes of preparation , including peeling the carrot n a pod of garlic , processing to paste, sprinkling salt n chilly powder n shaving the cheese....a couple of minutes in the microwave and your meal is ready...

You would love the way the fresh corn milk melts and blends with the cheese and makes it rich , looking like a lot of cheese has been used . You can always choose your own seasonings and vegetables for this or a plain fresh corn polenta served with a raw salad .

You would be a happy soul if you love corn....


  1. Not sure but maybe I can give it a try ..

    although i love corn

  2. This looks abs delicious. I always thought polenta was a grain. They sell it as one in the US . But here it looks like this particular preparation is called a polenta ?

    I'd love to know if the grain polenta is available in India under some other deshi name. Looks like rawa. Do you have any info an that ?

  3. ooo this is too good will def give a shot..

  4. @ Suranga...polenta is corn meal onlyand you can get it here if you have access to some old fashioned atta chakki. I tell them to make makki ka daliya n they make it.

  5. Oh wow thanks ! That clears up a lot of the fundas ! Makki ka daliya it is !

  6. Yes Suranga...but keep in mind that in the US they have different varieties of corn and that too graded flours and meals. The ones here may taste a bit different. But fresh corn would always taste good :)

  7. thats a great recipe to try. never ate corn this way...but looks awesome.

  8. With you I think i am going to discover a plethora of new dishes !!! this looks yummy especially when it comes with cheese !!! :D

  9. Thats awesome and healthy breakfast..


  10. This is quite new to me,me too love corn,what i do is just boil it and add salt and pepper.My kids too like this snack...


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