Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quahva or kahva ...a nice warming kashmiri chai

Someone was teasing me with a picture of kahva and i wanted my 2 mugs of this warming concoction . Yes , 2 mugs as i always make some extra and have another mugful after a while . I love it so much. And just see how large my mug is ....

So i made the kahva and took pictures . I had some old pictures too but this time i decided to include all the ingredients into the pictures so the picture would tell the recipe it is not much of a recipe beyond that.

I placed my drawing board to this sunny window and the light was just perfect to enhance a rich drink like this.

Half a tsp of green kashmiri tea leaves are boiled along with an inch piece of cinnamon , one crushed green cardamom and 2 crushed almonds . Sugar to taste.
Some people like walnuts in this tea but i like almonds more . 

The recipe was told by a dry fruits shop owner in Katra (the base station to vaishno devi trek) , from where we always get this green kashmiri tea and some dry fruits for the season. He had told the recipe with such good expressions on his face that i still remember how he had prompted me to buy so many small packets of this green tea. I have gifted this green tea to many of my friends, and needless to say have made many fans of this special tea.

 Everything on the ingredient list is boiled for about 5 minutes ( this tea is not brewed like other green teas) , strained and then some freshly chopped or crushed almonds are added to the mug...

Inhale and you fall in love.

 Otherwise too , i am a tea enthusiast and have many varieties of tea at any given point of time. Darjeeling is our daily morning cuppa ( the same mug actually and we are addicted to this mug for our clear teas) and then there are many flavored and unflavored green teas . There are those CTC tea for our milky masala chai , i like a robust one for my masala chai and a lighter flavorful one for a light brew sometimes ...a different tea for a different mood , season , time of the day etc. 

 This kahva is a favored tea when i have my headaches (i am a migraine personality didn't you know?) , the cinnamon helps with it most of the times. It is a soothing tea for any time you need it. You feel rejuvenated boiling it.

 I am wondering how could i click so many pictures as i can't wait to take a sip . Take a last look at the ingredients . Aren't they all so photogenic. They make the most loved drink to sip on .

 Those almonds with shells are from the same shop i buy my kashmiri green tea from. For some reason i use only these almonds for my kahva .
Well, till they last.



  1. The pictures look really good! What a great tea on a cold or rainy day!! I have never tried kahwa at home. But after reading your post, I am thinking, yes, why not?

  2. Dear Sangeeta
    Very nice photos...I only knew the words "Kashmiri tea"..But my Kashmiri friends always served me with creamy looking tea...the strong spices are present ..but dont know if they add milk or almond , dry fruit milk..Being a hardcore British tea follower, I can only drink tea with milk and sugar (other than green Chinese tea)..ha ha .
    Happy drinking ( tea )

  3. Oh! What a lovely pictures are these!!!... and after seeing it, it's very tough to wait for it's delicious sips..

  4. This is so comforting...My dear H is traveling soon for Vaishavdevi, and I am going to ask for a return gift like such..


  6. @ Ushnish ..there is a milky kashmiri tea called noncha as much as i know . The one they add soda bicarb in. I am yet to taste that one :)

  7. very refreshing and lovely kashmiri chai.

  8. Refreshing tea.. I am yet to try black tea.. Somehow haven't thought of trying black tea yet.. Will try one day! I am sure it gives great flavors and it is good for health too..

  9. reminded me of our kashmir trip so much Kahvah we had to drink .. it was so refreshing tooo :)


  10. Sangeeta, i have lots of chinese green tea, can this be be prepared with G,tea? pl send me the exact recipe

  11. @ Nirupama...the recipe is written in bold here and there is no special things required. I think you should try with chinese green tea once and see how you like it.
    A friend even used regular CTC tea leaves and was happy with the taste :-)
    Green tea of any kind should be good but take care to add the green tea bag to be dipped into the cup after boiling the other other delicate green teas are not heat stable (the antioxidants i mean)..

  12. great drink :-) and nice snap with the light

  13. ummmmm.........

  14. I love masala tea and this is a new kind of tea for me.Thanks for sharing this .. would love to give a try

  15. Looks so refreshing with all the spices. Can't wait to try.

  16. I liked it on reading it. I simply loved it when I drank it; 'twas made for me by my nephew's Kashmiri wife. :)

  17. Yes's such a lovely drink to have in a cuppa hold between your palms :-)

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