an egg roll gone green ...

Here comes one quick breakfast . I suggest many people to make extra chapatis so that they can be used for a quick filling breakfast or a quick meal when you come back home famished. I like a filling breakfast as it prevents unnecessary binging through the day. Especially when the breakfast is tasteful and richly textured , the experience of eating something like this (and not a boring limp bowl of cereal) makes the eating experience more satisfactory i believe. Eating is a tactile sensory experience and the contentment is not only due to calorie quenching...

So this breakfast (or meal) can be really quick , but you certainly need to chop the celery and a cucumber if you are like me. Nothing will be easier than this after that.

I have sliced the boiled eggs and spread the chopped celery soaked with a yummy dressing over the egg slices. Then the chapati is wrapped and secured with a cocktail stick.

The chapati is made using multigrain flour and some added wheat bran , and the filling is quite hearty so the wrapping may be a bit loose . The taste will make up for everything .

The dressing is simple again... 1 tsp of olive oil , a tsp or more of lemon juice , 1/4 tsp yellow mustard powder or mustard sauce , salt n pepper to taste...mix the chopped celery leaves in it and pour over the sliced eggs . It can be a great stuffing for grilled or plain sandwiches too.

Slices of cucumber make the egg roll ore exciting to me , try this idea if you want a hearty meal at the start of the day or any time of the day for that matter.

Use a mix of coriander greens and mint with some fresh baby spinach if celery is not available. You would love any fresh greens with it.

Another breakfast made with refrigerated chapati is to have it with some broccoli quesadilla style  .

Are you eating unprocessed , real, healthy food?

Make your home cooking options easier and come out of the ready made cartons and ready to cook concoctions.

Enjoy real food.


  1. wow that's an easy and yummy idea!

    WOW looks fantastic!!!!
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  2. I use to love this kind of roll that my mom used to cook...but for that she never used roti!! Its looking delicious and healthy ingredients Sangeeta :)

  3. This is a real healthy and yummy idea of breakfast..surely try it out..:)
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  4. Dear Sangeeta
    I like this green mix...hummm I think it is time for me to eat vegetable base ( other than potato, Vendi, karela, radish) once in a while.
    Have a nice day

  5. This really looks wonderful. You've made something quite nutritious look beautiful as well. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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