chicken rezala ... a low fat stew ...

 A chicken recipe that suits all...

I get many requests for low fat chicken recipes . And there are others (mostly friends) who want tasty chicken recipes irrespective of fat content . Do you see a connection between the strangers (my readers who do not know me personally) mailing me for low fat recipes and friends asking for tasty recipes no matter how much ghee or oil it uses...

Okay , so this recipe does not use any additional oil or ghee . There is some fresh cream used but the amount is very negligible per serving . Taste wise this is something you would like to serve a get together and get complements without working in the kitchen sweating for perfection .. I mean how much time do you take in liquidizing?

(for 6 servings)
chicken 1 kg
onion made into a fine paste without water 2 cups
fresh curds 2 cups
ginger 2 inch piece
garlic 15 cloves ( small Indian variety)
green chillies 10-12 nos..or to taste
cloves 8 nos.
green cardamon 4 nos.
black cardamom 2 small ones
cinnamon 2 one inch sticks
black peppercorns 20 nos.
cumin seeds 2 tsp
salt to taste
light fresh cream 1 cup


Grind the ginger garlic and green chillies into a fine paste . Add the whole spices into the paste and pulse the mixie once again briefly to crush the whole spices ...they should not be ground into the paste . Add 2 tbsp of curds to this paste , salt to taste and marinade the chicken into it... just till the onion paste is ready to be mixed up , or about 15 minutes.

Make the paste of the onion in the meantime , liquidizing the onion finely . Add the remaining curds to it and liquidize once again . add this paste to the chicken marinade and leave it for another 15 minutes or so. If you don't have time you can start cooking just after this.

pour this mixture to the cooking pan , or you can do all this mixing up in the cooking pan itself and place it on the burner directly. Cook covered , stirring in between to ensure even cooking of all the pieces.

There is no need to add water to the cooking mixture as onion and curds have enough water to cook the chicken well . Wait till the chicken cooks , it takes about 25-30 minutes normally and add the fresh cream to the cooking mixture .

Stir well and cook to a soft boil again. Take off the flame and serve hot with chapatis or rice. The pictures here are all of the leftovers we had the next day with rice . The gravy looks more homogenous and creamy when freshly made.

One thing to take care is the amount of gravy that you need . Some people like more gravy in the curries so it will be better to use double the amount of gravy ingredients for the same amount of chicken if you are one of those who love the gravy with your rice .... or mopping off the gravy with naan or chapati ...this is one such flavorful gravy which might finish before you realize ....

My niece enjoyed the chicken dish and wanted some raw onion rings with it . Actually all mildly hot gravies require some onions in the salad or a hot side dish .

Enjoy as you like it ... you can make a mutton rizala with the same gravy ingredients..

chicken rezala ... a low fat stew ...


  1. First I'm happy I found your blog, you have yummy recipes here...I'll come back to check more for sure. And yes....we all need recipes like that...full of flavor and low in fat. Looks delicious I will substitute the cream for "labneh"'s a thick yogurt cheese, that I use all the time in my recipes it makes it creamy without the extra calories. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sangeeta I liked the low fat themes in your is very important...and its amazing that you cook delicious foods with a healthy touch in it :)...glad to follow you for more such tips



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