broccoli for breakfast ... in a quesadilla style chapati..

 Green breakfasts are always great breakfasts for me. I prefer savory breakfasts with a hint of heat to start my day while the husband likes his daliya porridge or pancakes . What to do when we have different choices of food . Breakfast seems to be the best time for me to exercise freedom of choice and off course i have to work for it as i am the one who stays at home and can have breakfast at leisure.  

The breakfast is enjoyed at leisure but made quickly in a no fuss manner . This one i dug out from my lost  read forgotten) pictures for someone who wants quick breakfasts on a diet . If you keep some extra chapatis in the fridge , this breakfast is a breeze , however complicated it is looking. It takes just 10 minutes from scratch .

I used baby broccoli here from my garden , way back in February , but stringed green beans work great too . 

The ingredients and instructions here are for one serving , multiplication should not be a problem for such a colorful breakfast ...
Make a thick paste of 2 tbsp besan (chick pea flour) with a pinch each of ajwain seeds , red chilly powder , turmeric powder salt and pepper. Spread this paste evenly on one side of a leftover chapati (or a rolled out uncooked chapati) and flip the chapati carefully to a hot greased griddle , besan smeared side down . let it cook till it comes out of the griddle easily and cook the other side too , using minimal ghee for greasing .

When you take off the cooked chapati off the griddle ( it is already greased ), throw in the baby broccoli in the griddle and sprinkle salt n pepper to it , i added some chopped garlic too as i like garlic in winters more . In summers garlic can be given a miss. Toss the griddle and cover for a minute for the broccoli to be cooked or half cooked as i like....this time the broccoli included the young leaves too so i cooked it a bit longer ... A sliced tomato is a nice addition if you wish ...

Pour the cooked broccoli over the besan smeared chapati , fold it in half moon and have it hot...or warm ...

 The pictures are taken in a hurry and were a forgotten lot till i was reminded of posting a quick idea for a breakfast with high fiber and high nutrient value both .
I hope you liked it and will be trying it when in hurry but not wanting to miss the daily quota of vegetables .

The zuchhini or broccoli omelette serves the purpose too....very well , if yo want eggs too...



  1. Looks like a healthy breakfast and tasty too. Could you send it to "Healthy Lunchbox Ideas - Broccoli" event going on in my blog.

    Event: Dish it Out - Spinach and Garlic
    Event: Healthy Lunchbox Ideas - Broccoli

  2. That is surely delicious and healthy !!!

  3. This is another broccoli recipe of yours that I must try. I really envy you .... you can have fresh broccoli picked from your own garden

  4. Wow.. this is a lovely idea. Looks delicious too :)


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