beans for breakfast ... hummus, beans and homemade wheat bread ...

Having vegetables for breakfast is nothing new for an Indian breakfast . All the stuffed parathas of north India and so many south Indian breakfast menus have lots of vegetables in it .  I like to include my vegetables to any kind of desi or videshi breakfast and for me it becomes easier to make the meal more fiber packed and low fat , not missing on the nutrient value.

This one is another quick breakfast for someone who wants minimal cooking for breakfast . I used a whole wheat bread with added bran , it is a small bun sliced thinly to make the hummus more fun to eat. Hummus is also pre prepared and kept in an airtight container in fridge , making hummus for a week is a great idea if you love this smooth flavor packed spread on your bread.

Now only the green part of the breakfast needs to be done . String abut 15-20 beans per serving , halve them and microwave them with salt n pepper for two minutes
( per serving) serve hot as a side to this hummus and bread platter . Grated processed or other types of cheese is optional .

The bread in the picture looks like too much , but it is a small bun sliced thinly . I warmed it in the MW , you might like it lightly toasted .

If you don't bake bread at home you are not very sure of the ingredients going intot he bread ...i mean what percentage of all purpose flour has gone in . So it is better to use whole wheat or multigrain chapati or paratha cooked with minimal ghee . In that case , roll the chapati or paratha around beans , dip into the creamy hummus and have your fill .

Enjoy good health , eat home cooked food and make home cooking convenient for you.....It's not at all difficult.


  1. What a great looking platter for breakfast. I usually like heavy and savory breakfast, so this is my kind :)

  2. looks great and how cool you make bread as well

  3. Soft bread with delicious hummus. Yummm :)

  4. Am yet to have my breakfast.. this platter is perfect for it.. also good idea of storing hummus for a week which hv yet to try..

  5. you shud be a personal nutritionist (i hope the spellings are ok) :)

    so much healthy foood


  6. Thank you Bikram...actually i do that ...the thing you misspelled :)
    ..oh no you spelled it right :)

  7. Love the name for your blog :-) and yes, I am a firm believer of knowing what's going in your food and hence a fresh paratha or chapatti is loads better than buying a string-wrapped bread loaf from the supermarket...

    beautiful recipes..

  8. Thanks Bakingdevils...welcome to HFDV..

  9. Just made this beans for the evening snack, too good to taste a vegetable as a snack without a carb


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