tender drumsticks fruits and flowers stir fried with fennel and pepper...

Apart from raving about the beauty of a handsome drumstick tree in my garden , i keep clicking pictures of the birds who find the tree a nice place to hop on to .... the squirrels keep thronging the tips of the branches for the flowers or the tender drumsticks i guess . The sun birds pick into the flowers for some other things . They instinctively know what is good for them .

I am delighted with the leftovers in this case . A few of the tender drumsticks dangle above my head luring me to pluck them , the flowers have a nice aroma so i can't resist myself... Plucked a bunch today and made a nice subzi . The husband liked it very much ... a rare event when a healthy sounding subzi is liked , and i am happy...this one he liked more than the drumstick flowers curry posted earlier....

You are going to love this tender drumstick subzi . This is something your guests will rave about and ask for a recipe . Tender drumsticks and drumstick flowers are not easy to lay your hands on so the exotic appeal is justified well with this flavorful subzi . Need i say it is quick ....you know all my stir fries confirm to this criterion at least.

tender drumsticks chopped in small pieces 1 cup
drumstick flowers picked clean 1 cup
sliced red onions 1 cup
sliced tomatoes 1 cup
red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
black pepper powder 1/2 tsp
fennel powder 2 tsp 
salt to taste
mustard oil 1 tbsp


Heat oil in a pan and throw in the sliced onions . Fry for a few seconds as the onion slices get coated with oil , there is no need to brown them. The sweetness of the onions needs to be preserved this way.

Add the sliced tomatoes and salt , red chilly powder and the fennel powder . Stir fry till the tomatoes start sweating .

Add the chopped tender drumsticks and flowers , mix well and put a lid on the pan There is no need to add water to the subzi as there is enough moisture to cook the tender vegetable . If the drumsticks are not very tender you can add them along with the tomatoes and sprinkle some water to prevent the subzi from sticking to the base of the pan .

After about 3-5 minutes of cooking , the subzi looks like mushy mix . Add the black pepper powder and fry some more , mashing the mixture of you like the way it looks in the picture...

Serve hot with chapatis or as a side . A bowl of raita or plain curds will be great as an accompaniment.

Taste the subzi after finishing cooking , if your drumsticks are on the bitter side you may like to add some amchoor powder , but if your tomatoes are of good quality , they will take care of this problem while cooking itself...


  1. All these posts make me really happy sangeeta, anything vegetarian, but where can i find all these, but for your info, i made an andhra dish called "Chintchiguru pappu"That is tender tamarind leaves in dall very easy to make. Do u have any tamarind tree nearby for me to post the recipe?

  2. Thank you Nirupama for being so quick and suggesting one more recipe :)
    I don't have any tamarind tree in vicinity but i think the drumstick leaves can also be used along with some thick tamarind extract for the recipe...post the recipe if you feel the same :)

  3. I felt hungry reading drumsticks i thought you talking of chicken :)

    but i loved this one toooo :)


  4. Oh wow.. this is awesome. But guess getting these tender ones in the market is close to impossible. Got to pick it from the tree somewhere.

  5. wow, love the pic, makes it soooooooo tempting :)

  6. Hi sangeeta,
    pappu or daal is a traditional andhra dish done in everybody's home almost everyday, These people mix everything with rice and eat including the everyday subzi, Paapu is easy to make
    Soak half a cup of toor dall with enough water for half an hour, drain and add fresh water,
    now add any green of ur choice , a tomato halved, one onion chopped, 2 green chilles, a pinch of turmeric, little red chilli powder or little sambar powder( i use sambar powder only)., little tamarind extract, little dhania patta,, and pressure cook for a few whistles. The dall should not be mashed. now remove from cooker make a tadka of mustard, jeera, red chillies and urad dall and pour it into the dall, add enough salt and cook for a few mts . U can used raw mango pieces instead of tamarind, try and let me know

  7. Thanks Nirupama...so it was the daal recipe you were talking about. I make a light sambar with drumstick leaves almost the same way you suggested . Dal is an everyday preparation in most vegetarian North Indian families too and we make daals with greens or other veggies to make it healthier (low cal hi fiber)..only the tadka and seasonings are different in different parts of India...and that plays a huge role in the final product :)

  8. yah yah sangeeta, but paapu in andhra will not be soft and mushy, ans little thick like a currry u can refer to some andhra blog for authenticity,in our tamil cuisine, the consistency varies and takes various names like masiyal, kothsu, kulambu etc etc byehave a nice say

  9. oh great...that's a revelation for me . Different names for different consistencies...i am sure the tempering must be different too . Thanks again.

  10. looks perfect.. nice flavors to it..

    New to your space n Happy to follow you..

    Do visit me as time permits.

  11. Yummy stuff...I love drumsticks. I make a soup too. Tastes great!


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