simple salad for summer...cherry tomatoes and chickpeas , detox recipe..

One more salad for detox . More suited for heavy duty detox . Raw foods always suit best for such occasions and this is not a discovery made by yours truly :)

Salads become all the more exciting when your garden produce finds a way to it . The cherry tomatoes and the mint leaves are from my garden , they are easily available in this season in the markets too ... so this salad can be fun to have during summers. A cooling salad with lots of mint .
Did i tell you that the green chillies are from my garden too ?
I wish i had fresh spring onions right now . The sad thing is , the squirrels are spoiling all the cherry tomatoes as they have developed a sudden liking for them . They are spared till they are green and as soon as they ripe and are filled with the best flavors , the squirrels attack . Many half eaten and bruised cherry tomatoes can be seen scattered around early in the morning....makes me sad for the tomatoes but it's a pleasure to watch those squirrels getting naughty... see the lovely plump green cherry tomatoes...

And some of them survive the squirrels to be used in a gorgeous salad...

Ingredients for the salad...
black chickpeas soaked overnight 1 cup ( sprouted chickpeas will be great)
chopped onions 1/4 cup
chopped fresh mint leaves 1/4 cup
halved cherry tomatoes 1and 1/2 cup
finely chopped green chillies 1/2 tsp ( optional)
mustard oil 1 tsp OR mustard powder 1 tsp
lemon juice 1/2 tsp
salt to taste 

Mix the mustard powder or mustard oil (whichever you are using) with lemon juice , add the chopped green chillies if using . You may like adding pepper powder too if not using green chillies. Add salt to taste . Mix well with a fork.
Add all the chopped mint and onions . Toss well and add the soaked or sprouted chickpeas in the last and toss well . 
Serve immediately. The dressing can be kept ready if the salad has to be served later . Mix everything up just before serving.
This is my plate with mixed grain roti, Parval ka chokha and this salad.


You can have it chilled or at room temperature. It makes a nice cooling lunch in summer days . Other sprouts can be added to add texture and nutrient value .



  1. yummy look....
    Great in taste :)
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  2. OMG, this looks to tempting..... :) Feel like nibbling it right away.........

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  4. yummy salad n the tomatoes r so fresh ..its shd be special...

  5. I am looking for some good salad recipes and this is a cool one.


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