Saturday, May 28, 2011

fruits for breakfast .... detox recipe ...

Almost all the fruits help the body to detox and regular intake of fruits makes your body to flush out toxins easily . A regular inclusion of fruits is good but when you need heavy duty detox regime you have to eat the fruits in a specific manner . No desserts made with fruit using dairy products ( apart from yogurt) or no baked or cooked compotes and jams.

This recipe with papaya and oranges is a good way to start your day for heavy duty detox . I call it heavy duty detox because this kind of food makes your body flush out a lot . And your body and your skin will thank you after such a regime . I will be posting a few detox recipes in future and you can mail me if you want to plan a detox for yourself.

for one detox serving
ripe papaya 250 gm
one large or two small oranges cut in slices
raisins ( i used black and brown raisins) 2 tbsp
honey 2 tsp ( reduced orange juice* if you are allergic to honey)

To assemble the salad ..mix everything together and eat immediately . A few walnuts can be added if you are not planning to have them for your mid morning snack .

* to make reduced orange juice , boil the orange juice in a pan with a bit of sugar and let it reduce to a thin syrup. Use as required . A cup of orange juice needs 1 tsp of sugar if the juice is not too sour , to be boiled for about 8-10 minutes .

It makes a nice refreshing breakfast in summer days if some mint is added too . Walnuts make it more suitable for the winters.

This particular bowl of salad we had for brunch one day and looking at the bright colors i got tempted to click a picture.



  1. Lovely....... On my way to make fruit salad, though with different fruits :) Waiting for more detox recipes........

  2. Sangeeta, is it okay if one eats fruits for all meals for two days a week?

    Joy always,

    1. It shouldn't harm if you are healthy otherwise.