eggs fried rice with bok choy .........

 I have very few Chinese recipes on my blog just because i make them very rarely . I do not use any other Chinese sauce than the ubiquitous soy sauce . The reason is , i want all fresh ingredients and seasonings as well . If you want to steer clear of processed food , you would have to minimize the use of bottled sauces too. Soy sauce is the only Chinese sauce i use occasionally to pep up my Chinese platter .

Egg fried rice is a comfort food . The best thing about egg fried rice is that it can be assembled in just a few minutes , as almost all egg based recipes do . And if you cook extra rice sometimes for convenience later on , nothing like this quick egg fried rice with added benefits of green crunchy bok choy.Green or red cabbage , or even bell peppers can be very good alternatives to bok choy , just be sure to cook them just slightly so they retain the crunch . I make this recipe with spring onions too but the most favorite is the bok choy version .

Also , this is the recipe where you can use the brown rice with confidence , everybody likes brown rice this way . So this egg fried rice will be a nice addition to you repertoire if ou have a few brown rice haters in the family...

 ( for 2 servings)
 4 eggs
cooked brown rice 1.5 cups
bok choy large sized 2 nos.
fresh red chillies 2-3 nos.( thinly sliced)
the red chillies are the fat variety used for stuffed pickles in the north of India
finely chopped garlic 1-2 tsp
finely chopped ginger 1 tbsp (or more if you like)
sliced onion 1/2 cup
dark soy sauce 2-3 tsp
white vinegar 1 tsp
freshly milled black pepper as per taste
oil 1+1 tbsp( i used sunflower oil)


I usually cook the rice in the microwave when i make any kind of fried rice , stir frying the vegetables on the gas stove while the rice cooks. Brown rice takes a bit more time that white rice so it is convenient to shove the bowl of rice into the microwave first thing to start with. The chopping and stir frying all can be done while the rice cooks.

Chop the stalks of bok choy in thin slices and the leaves in strips along the midrib.

Heat oil in a pan , break the eggs , add salt and pepper for seasoning , whip lightly and pour into the hot oil . With the help of a spoon , keep pushing the cooking egg to one side of the pan , breaking the coagulated eggs in the process , you want large chunks of loosely scrambled egg. Take them out of the pan and keep aside when cooked.

You may like to make ribbons of fried eggs , for that you need to use a lot of oil in the pan , pour the beaten egg mixture in a stream and keep pushing the cooked strips of egg to the side . This way you get ribbons of deep fried egg , remove the ribbons with the help of slotted spoon draining all the oil. For a low oil recipe you need to do the way i did .

Heat oil in a pan and throw in the chopped garlic , ginger and thinly sliced red chillies , in that order . Let them fry for a while , getting them dehydrated and the flavors extracted in the cooking oil. Add the sliced onions and bok choy stalks and stir fry on high heat till they wilt and get slightly caramelized .Add the bok choy leaves too and fry just for a minute..

Add the soy sauce , vinegar and freshly milled black pepper , mix well and add the cooked brown rice . Mix well before adding the chunks of scrambled eggs.

Mix lightly , take the pan off the heat and serve hot ... adjusting seasoning in the end. Soy sauce is quite salty and there is no need to use additional salt , checking the seasoning once before serving is a good idea.

The dark soy sauce makes the finished egg fried rice look a bit dark in color . I prefer adding a few twists of milled black pepper on top of this rice , a little higher amount of black pepper complements very well with the eggs and bok choy , making the brown rice even more appetizing.

Sunday lunch can be like this , a large plateful of egg fried rice .... husband and wife sitting on the couch watching TV . Watching TV happens rarely on Sundays , usually it is some time spent working and bird watching in the garden and a quick lunch like this....a real comfort food after all the hard work mixing the manure and planting the seedlings ..... or clearing the weeds sometimes...


  1. Wow, this looks delicious as are all the other dishes that you have posted :). Do suggest some alternative to eggs.....

  2. Well anonymous...substitute of eggs in a egg fried rice :)
    Crumbled tofu will be very good , i like stir frying with tofu quite interesting. Try that.

  3. What a stepped-up version of fried rice. Very creative. Soy sauce is a good condiment to have handy, even if it comes in a store bought jar.


  4. I know :), its like tomato omelet ;-), which has no eggs, but is kind of thick besan cheela with tomatoes.... Its such a misnomer, and most of the North Indians (including me :-P) who are new to Bangalore get fooled... So, I'll be making an egg fried rice without eggs ;-)

  5. I am going to make this soon...thanks....but did you really mean 12 tsp garlic??? That looks too much.

  6. great idea to add bok choy to fried rice looks tasty

  7. seems lovely not sure about the Bok choy :) I am fussy i know


  8. Thanks Everybody..

    @ Poonam...thanks for pointing out the garlic thing. It is 1-2 tsp and not 12 tsp . I have corrected the text. Welcome to my blog.

  9. I always love stir-fried rice. Yours with bok choy sounds and looks terrific.

  10. Fried rice is always a crowd pleaser around here. I'd have to have my bok coy off to the side though. I know it's all going in my mouth anyway right? still I'm weird like that

  11. @ WizzyTheStick...even i like bok choy in the side , fresh and raw . But that is only when it is baby bok choy which is home grown n very fresh. The larger bok choy coming from the store have to be livened up somehow .

    @ Bikram ...i know many people do not like bok choy and my husband is one of them, but in this fried rice recipe the frying of the bok choy stem separately allows it to soak in the flavors and makes it quite different...try it once and let me know.

  12. I love fried rice. Trader Joe's makes a rice blend that is terrific for brown rice. Love the bok choy you added!

  13. I love friedrice and it looks mouthwatering...:)

  14. I have recently got myself brown rice and gonna try this recipe, however, i want to know how to cook rice in microwave..never tried that!!!


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