broccoli ,soy nuggets and tomatoes stir fried.....detox recipe..

Broccoli and soy nuggets make a great hot and spicy one pot detox meal .
Too many adjectives for a humble meal but the flavors will make you crave for more and more helpings will all be possible without guilt .
What ?
Works for you?
Oh yes , it works for me too and for everybody i have known .

lets get down to the ingredient list for two meal servings...

soy nuggets soaked , rinsed, drained and squeezed 3 cups
broccoli florets 4 cups
quartered tomatoes 2 cups (i used heirloom/desi tomatoes)
red onions cut into rings 1 cup
ginger garlic minced or coarse paste 1 tbsp
finely chopped green or fresh red chillies 1-2 tsp
black pepper powder 2 tsp
soy sauce 2 tsp
oil (any oil of your choice) 2 tsp
salt to taste (taking care that soy sauce is quite salty)


The soy nuggets i used were microwaved with water for 5 minutes , so they are already cooked and need lesser oil to cook in the pan. You can boil them in a pan if not using MW.

Heat oil in a thick base kadai and throw in the minced ginger garlic and finely chopped green chillies . Stir fr a few seconds and then add the sliced onions . Let the onions get a bit softer , taking care not to brown them .

Add the soy sauce and a tbsp of water .

Add the soy nuggets immediately after adding the water and keep stirring till the soy nuggets look dark soaking all the juices .

Add the broccoli florets and salt to taste . Add the black pepper powder too . Mix well and cook covered on low flame for 3-4 minutes . Add the quartered tomatoes , mix well and cook covered for another couple of minutes.

Serve hot . No accompaniments needed if you are opting for a carbohydrate free dinner . Whole wheat chapatis are good with it otherwise . It is a great side dish for a formal meal too...

If i tell you about the flavors ...well, the soy nuggets i love this way ...broccoli gets a boost of heat and i like it semi cooked here . Tomatoes are semi cooked too and follow the recipe exactly if you want to enjoy the way i do....


  1. this looks so yummmm.... was looking for a recipe to do something interesting with broccoli yday..... marking it for the next time....

  2. nice combo indeed & that it's a detox recipe makes it more delightful !

  3. Absoultely love the idea, detox or not :)


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