we love our daal roti ......

The phrase 'daal roti' in the north of India is used as 'bread and butter' is used in English ...like 'earning your daal roti' , so daal roti is what a common man lives for as is said sometimes . Now you decide what is your daal roti , my daal roti sometimes comes in the form of paper , packaged boringly but the soul gets contented .

I am reminded of another phrase used very frequently in the book called 'The Case Of Exploding Mangoes' ....a Pakistani Army General (Gen. Kayani) refers to Indians as 'daal eating buggers' as daal is the staple food in India while they eat the meat ... I love my daal in any form and color and i saw myself smiling every time the Army General uses this phrase to refer to Indians ... this daal is my soul food...

You will find my daal roti at Corinne's blog today as i am writing a series of posts for her wonderful blog , which is otherwise the destination if you need some serious food for your soul...

Read the recipe of this yummy sabut masoor ki daal at Everyday Gyan, here and let me know how did you like it...This sabut masoor ki daal is cooked in a very low fat version , using very little ghee . Whole wheat chapatis and a nice and light low fat okra stir fry makes the meal wholesome ....and healthy..

The staple daal roti is not boring ....make it a happening meal ...


  1. thats why they say

    yes it s a staple food for a mojority of people , and I have to have DAAL with every meal .. no matter what and i love the yellow and the black one :)


  2. I just love looking at these plates. You make me hungry :). I just love your blog.

    There are few awards for you, hope you will accept them.




  3. oh, no way dal-roti is boring. It is a comfort food for me, though I usually prefer my dal with rice, but whatever it is dal-roti or dal-rice, it is one of the best foods in the world :)

  4. yummmmmmmm, my fav too........ and I like having variations too :) And daal roti/rice and bhindi bhujiya will do anytime....... Made bhindi this way just a couple of days back and we loved it... I generally use mustard oil with a tadaka of methi/jeera, garlic and green chilli and adding salt to bhindi........ Am waiting to try the onw with kashmiri masala soon, once I make the masala.... Am able to add so many new flavours/twists to my everyday dishes all credit to your blog, be it everyday masala or garam masala or something as simple as bhindi fry.....

    Looks like some more awards on the way for you, congratulations :)

  5. I love daal, it is my favourite vegetarian dish :)
    *kisses* HH

  6. i too love this combo...
    ur plate makes me hungry :)

  7. Lovely combo... truly homely.. Loved your blog and recipes.. great work:)

  8. yum my kind of meal make okra like this all the time and our little one loves it

  9. And I made sabut masur for dinner last night. What a coincidence!

  10. this is regular thali in my house...

  11. I love bhindi/okra fry...and the looks reall yummm...:)

  12. I totally agree dal is comfort food.


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