unusual greens .... purslane greens, made into a pizza sauce...

So you read how purslane is more nutritious than the spinach greens . Omega-3 fatty acids are no mean nutrients , we need loads of them . And see what yummy way to include some OMG-3s ... you don't need to go nuts ...or seeds for that matter :)

This variety of the purslane is a bit more sour in taste , did I mention that the wild one has a bit of tartness as well . This one ,being a thick stemmed herb , gets little slimy on cooking . Not the yucky slimy but just as much as tomatoes . So I though of making a mushy stir fry with tomatoes which turns up almost like a pasta sauce . To tell you a secret , I spread it over my pizza and it was great... isn't that a discovery ...nonia saag goes the pizza way...

Lets see the recipe now , easy recipe , almost cooked like a pasta or pizza sauce ... a bit hot , a bit tart and saucy ... at it's best...


purslane greens with all the pink soft stems 250 gm
tomatoes 150 gm
one onion medium sized
garlic cloves 4-5 nos.
whole dry red chillies ,broken 3-4 nos.
mustard oil (or any other as per choice) 1 tbsp


Wash and drain the greens , chop in small bits by holding a bunch together over the chopping board . Chop the garlic , onions and tomatoes too ....any which way you like.

Heat mustard oil in a pan , add the garlic and let it get pinkish brown. Add the red chillies and the chopped onions .

Add the chopped purslane as soon as the onions get translucent and soft , add salt and keep cooking on low flame. It will release some water and get limp , add the tomatoes and keep cooking till everything is sauce like and homogenized..

The whole process takes about 10 minutes and the resulting mushy saucy stir fry is incredibly yummy...simple flavors blending very well with each other. Black pepper powder and dried oregano can be added to the stir fry , I added them when I topped this sauce on a pizza base......

Use this saucy thing over a no cheese pizza , a pizza with a high fiber base ..whole wheat and bran .... and that is something I am going to repeat often during this purslane season...

Enjoy ...


  1. Truly drool worthy..yummy yum..looks so tempting n healthy...love greens with phulkas n on wheat thins as well..pizza topping sounds good...

  2. had never heard of these greens before! r they available in stores? the curry looks yummy!

  3. I've heard about purslane but never had it before. Thanks for the info.

  4. wow!!! surely healthy n nicee recipe!!

  5. Looks yummy...Looks like methi leaves

  6. Thanks everybody...
    @ Sound ...the leaves of these greens are not like methi leaves , they have a pinkish tinge and are fleshy and a little mucilaginous...taste wise too they are far away from methi..

  7. wow, you went so so authentic-I guess I never tried anything like it before- :) love that rich look!

  8. I love this recipe for purslane. I have bookmarked it to try.

  9. grows wild in my garden - love it:)


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