a simple healthy lunch menu .... and some everyday gyan ...

Every day food needs to be as easy going as everyday gyan . You would know what i mean if you have seen this wonderful blog of Corinne . 

My food has always been something i can rustle up within an hour starting from scratch , even if i have to chop a lot of vegetables . Talking about a lot of vegetables , i was telling a friend today that i like buying my own veggies and washing them nicely and even chopping them with ease . Handling all the colorful vegetables feels nice and refreshing . She told me it is just because i am a big foodie . Tell me do you like doing all this ?

If you don't like handling the vegetables , get help ...or get a machine . But don't stop eating these beauties as they will make you feel a lot better...they are endowed with all the goodness.

About this lunch platter , my North Indian friends will be so familiar with this kind of food ...may be some of you will find it a bit more colorful than your own everyday food . If so , this is to inspire you to eat more colors .

The recipes are simple and workable for an average cook , if you plan in advance the assembling becomes easier and quicker and that stands true for any meal you plan for the day...we enjoyed this lunch for this mixed beans in a spicy spinach gravy . We all love our rajma chawal and chhole chawal and this mixed beans and spinach dish makes the beans and rice platter more promising . The red cabbage stir fry and a zucchini and onion raita make me happy with the crunch and color they provide to the meal.... Click and go to Corinne's blog to see the recipe . I am sharing my lunch with the readers of Everyday Gyan this time . I will be pleased to get a few comments there as well....

Thank you.


  1. even the pic is so appetizing!

  2. Love your platter dear, truely colorful and tempting :)

  3. looks so delicious. love the colors on your plate.

  4. Sangeeta u r right....handling the veggies...cleaning chopping it all is a fun in its own way....love to do that by hand infact never used chopper attachment of my food processor ....and right now i'm having my lunch which consists of rice, dal palak, dahi & O'course aam ka achar..

  5. love to see the recipes in this post. the link does not work. please do post again .
    thanks very much.i'm a great fan of your recipes and posts. - Kamal.


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