oats and seeds going for a cookie....chewy oats cookies II

The chewy cookies are back . When i posted the oats and nuts i promised an oats and seeds chewy cookies too . I used the same process in these cookies but added a few other ingredients for a different taste and seeds with better nutrient value. The taste was more like the thekua made in bihari families , due to the dry coconut and dates in the cookies . But the similarity ends here , you get a nice crunch from the sesame seeds and the coarsely ground flax seeds too . The textural quality of this cookie is very different from the oats and cashew or oats and almonds cookies...read on...

dry dates deseeded and chopped..1 cup
raisins chopped 1/3 cup
dry coconut coarsely powdered 1 cup
sesame seeds 1/2 cup
flax seeds coarsely powdered 1/2 cup
melon seeds ( magaz) coarsely powdered 1/2 cup
quick cooking oats 3 cups plus some more if the dough gets tacky
wheat bran 1 cup
ripe bananas medium sized 2 nos.


Going almost like the oats and nuts cookies , mash the bananas and mix the ingredients in it to make a soft dough . the dough is a bit sticky but cookies can be shaped easily .

Irregular shaped cookies are no harm , just try and make similar sizes and not very thick as the cookies have no butter and the cooking can be uneven. The coconut and seeds provide enough fats for the cookies to be crunchy enough , but don't blame me when you compare them with butter cookies. These are chewy cookies and taste very good believe me...

Arrange on greased baking tray and bake on 180 degree C for 20 minutes . The cookies are well browned but soft when cooked , cool them on wire rack . They get slightly crunchy when cold and if they remain soggy , bake them again for another 5-10 minutes on lower temperature...

The cookies may remain soggy after the said baking time if they are thicker or bigger than these . No problems with twice baking as such , the crunch and the bite may differ each time you experiment with different sizes or thickness , but the taste remains the same .... With this batch of cookies i was partial , and added some sugar ( 2 tbsp) to it , the nuts and oats cookies were completely sugar free and these are great without sugar too . I added sugar because a few people who tasted them , felt a need for some more sugar ... but i didn't like the added sugar in these .... dates and raisins make them enough sweet for my taste ..no sugar next time.

We love these cookies with our tea or as a quick snack and you will be pleased to realize that butter less and sugarless cookies can be fun . No measurements in grams , no worrying about the exact baking time and no other hassles whatsoever . Easy peasy baking even for a novice...

If you are one of those people who like those attractively packed oats or ragi cookies or go for the granola bar , read the labels first . You will find good amounts of sugar and fats in those cookies and bars and they are not free from trans fats either . Also , if you notice , you will find the hyped grain ( ragi or oats ) in less percentage than white flour .... just too much for you comfort .

Bake these cookies .


  1. Very nice. A very healthy way to enjoy cookies. These would be perfect for children's lunch boxes.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a wonderful blog ...great photos and so many recipes .... I have to try them out.

  3. Healthy cookies.Looks crunchy and delicious.

  4. looks super yumm n I love chewy kind of ones..:)

  5. A lovely nutritious mid morning snack.

  6. I loved this recipe! I am definitely going to try this one!

  7. Sangeeta, can one omit the bananas ? They are part of this recipe for flavour or as a binding agent ? any alternates?

    1. Hi Neet, Banana is the binding agent in this recipe as well as the sweetener. You can use apple butter if you don't want banana.


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