desi pancakes with molasses ... and some everyday gyan ...

Every day quota of your sweetness in not all that tough to achieve . I discovered a blog by Corrine , Everyday Gyan recently and got hooked to it immediately . She talks about the everyday wisdom in such an easygoing way that it seems to be so achievable and workable ..

Dear Corrine got in touch with me and wanted some of the everyday healthy food for her  readers too . I am really delighted to share some of the recipes with all of you , it is so delightful to be able to connect with so many people around the world for the common interests we have...and some more.

I made a nice fluffy , soft and melt in your mouth pancakes sweetened with organic molasses for her blog . Check out the recipe there... and my blabber about my desi sweeteners is here too...

Molasses and jaggery are two of my favorite sweeteners . Honey comes next and maple syrup is out of question . We do not get any maple syrup here in India but we get all those palm sugars and molasses to our heart's content . Modern living and convenience factor of the processed food has made it a bit difficult for all these palm sugars and molasses to reach our table , these are marketed poorly in our country and you have to look out for them in health food stores or contact your village's time we start celebrating our own sugarcane and date palm  molasses and a terrific variety of palm sugars available in many parts of India...

I am celebrating my organic sugarcane molasses with a desi yeasted pancake ... very easy to pull of and completely vegan ... dripping with sweetness on the surface but very mildly sweet inside ...

Enjoy your Everyday gyan and the sweet n soft healthy pancakes ..

Thank you Dear Corrine to be able to interact with a wider audience through your blog as well.


  1. sangeeta, is molasses the same as jaggery? if not, what's the difference?

  2. Hi Nags...molasses is a byproduct of jaggery making. When the sugarcane juice in heated to reduce and crystallize , some of the parts remain liquid because of high mineral concentration , that part is separated from the boiling slurry . This liquid part of the jaggery slurry is very nutritious too as it contains minerals n vitamins too , the sugars crystallize in the form of jaggery only when this mineral part is separated from it..
    To make white table sugar the same sugars are treated ( read bleached )to become free of the remaining minerals too...

    The taste of the molasses is richer than jaggery , a different flavor and molasses can ferment easily if kept through the Indian summers at room temperatures...

    Molasses of the different palm sugars are also available in different parts of our country...

    Hope that is clear..

  3. There is a query about the avaialability of wheat bran in Delhi . I find it easily in many stores here and the brand is Baggry's . Oats from this brand is good too. I will check out the shelves and write more about the availability..

  4. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!. Thanks a ton for mailing me and answering my query.

    Lots and lots of love to you.



  5. Nice recipe, I haven't tried making pancakes ever. Desi pancakes seems to be the right place to start :)

  6. looks really delicious. mouth watering recipe.. yumm


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