chewy oats cookies ...

chewy oats cookies

What about some fiber loaded cookies without sugar and butter ?
No eggs either...and gluten free too...

And if you are one of those people who get scared of baking cookies because you just can't stand weighing the ingredients to the decimal digits :)  I am one of those people and try only those recipes which set me free of the weighing scale ... here you don't even need the measuring cups...just eyeballs :)

Sounds like a nutty idea , but the nuts make this cooky so much more special too ...
The fat content of the cookies comes from nuts and sweetness comes from the raisins and banana pulp used . Of course they are mildly sweet but we loved them for the slightly chewy texture and just the right kind of nuttiness. The flavors of the nuts and raisins are accentuated by the absence of a overwhelming sweetness .

let's see the recipe and then decide how it tastes . I made this batch last year and never came to post them . Shared the recipe with many friends , one of them tried it and wrote about it too ...see how it turned out to a favorite with her family too...

Chop a generous handful of raisins , i like them chopped as they get evenly distributed into the cookie dough and come in the mouth in small bits....when not using sugar the raisins need to be evenly distributed into the cookie dough...

I used cashew for this particular batch of cookies , the first reason is the Arvind loves cashews and i wanted to make him love these cookies.... so went ahead with a generous amount of cashew . I used broken cashew pieces for this as they had to be coarsely powdered anyway . Broken cashew is cheaper and sensible when being used in powdered form...Any other nuts will be great as i have got great results with slivered almonds and a mix of almonds and walnuts...
This particular combinations is called kaaju kishmish in hindi and is a favorite winter snack ... using this combination of nuts will be great if you are making these cookies for the first time...and if the family members are mad about kaaju kishmish ...

So the next step is to mash 2 bananas , better if they are overripe , then add as much oats as can be folded into it...making a loose sticky paste....okay dough ....or between the two :)

Now add the coarse powder of the cashew and the chopped raisins , the amount of the nuts should be around 1/3rd of the banana oats dough .

 Mix it well and you will see that the nuts make the dough a bit loose and crumbly , but it still binds and sticks together ...

Now take out spoonfuls of this mix and shape loosely packed cookies or bars if you like and place them on a greased baking tray... Bake them for about half an hour at 180 degree C . The baking time may defer according to the thickness of cookies you shape and the cookies will still be soft when warm . Take them out once they are nicely browned and cooked , spread on a wire rack and let them cool .

They will become firm and crunchy after cooling as the nuts do when you roast them...The cookies get their crunch from the nuts and a slight chewy thing as they are devoid of any shortening . But that is the reason they can be enjoyed even without the sugar , the chewing time in your mouth allows the saliva to work on the cookies to get them naturally sweet by enzyme action....

I have no more pictures of the baked cookies as i lost all the pictures when my OS crashed last year . The detailed pictures of the process make the recipe easily understandable i guess....This draft was revived when a friend made these by telephonic instructions and i was instructed to post it ASAP here comes the chewy oats cookie .

I made another variation of the cookies using seeds instead of nuts , that version is coming very soon...stay tuned.


  1. OMG, this is simply fantabulous..... Can I have some please, wish I could take these out from the monitor ;-). Aap kahan se dhoondhtee hain ya sochtee hain ye recipes......... Amazing!!!

  2. wow! lovely pics,..they look so perfectly well done!

  3. Lovely recipe.. looks awesome.. thanks for sharing !!
    Indian Cuisine

  4. Yummy... they are lovely nd healthy too..
    Hi myself Ashwini , I recently came across ur blog nd it's fab... I have put on some weight after my delivery .. now i started ur diet suggestions.. nd heyy it's really working..i can't stop weighing myself as the scale is going down..thx a lot ...may god bless you nd may all your dreams will come true..

  5. Thank you great to hear from you . Are you trying the multigrain soups or low fat cooking in general... those multigrain soups are really good , many of my friends and readers have benefited from them...

    Keep in touch.

  6. Hi Sangeeta,
    thx for ur reply...
    yes i m taking the multigrain soup nd multigrain roti also...As i m living in Belgium, I m using veggies nd grain which r available here.
    Its working gr8..nd on weekends m trying few parathas but my weight is constant it's not increasing..thx to u...

    I would like to share a small recipe that i do always... for breakfast even we like to eat chillas.. now a days i m making chillas with multigrain flour, with it i do Flex seeds chatney .. I grind flex seeds, whole red chillies,sesame seeds,curry leaves,salt,amchur pwdr
    take sesame seeds 1 tsp not much and other things u can adjust accordingly... don't put any dry coconut as the authentic recipe includes coconut. Don't dry roast the flex seeds as it looses its omega 3 ..
    My lil princes also adores this chatney..I hope u will like it...

    Stay healthy nd happy...


  7. Yes Ashwini , those multigrain chillas and thin dosas are so good. This flax seeds chutney sounds very good too ... i make a chutney with it using lots of garlic and it is in my drafts , let me find it so that i can post it . I have posted a basil , mint , coriander greens and spring onions chutnyto be had with dosas n chillas and that one is great too as the chutny adds a lot of flavor and bulk to the meal...i can eat a big bowlful of that chutny , it is my answer to a green grasshopper smoothie :)

    My wishes for your health and fitness , i myself need to discipline myself better these days...thanks for the feedback. It helps keep me on track too :)

  8. These are chewy cookies make crunchy some shortening needs to be added to the cookies.


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