paneer sandwich made for a quick n healthy breakfast; sandwich with a flax meal and whole wheat bread.

If you get good quality whole grain breads around your place it is so much more easy to rustle up the most important meal of the day, the breakfast. These sandwiches are good for dinner too if you are worn out and want a 5 minute solution. I often make extra chapatis and keep them in the fridge for such occasions , a paneer kathi roll saves my life when i am hungry and don't have time to cook. This is all the more important to me because hunger is one big trigger for my migraines ....any body who has the same condition should keep something healthy all the time in the fridge...the basic chapatis can be life savers.

These are my home baked methi ( fenugreek) whole wheat and flax meal  bread slices which i used for the sandwiches here , otherwise a whole wheat chapati would make a nice kathi roll with the simple paneer stuffing. The stuffing is quite easy and quick to rustle up.... 200 gm of paneer is crumbled and mixed with chopped onions , green chillies and chopped coriander leaves , mixed together with salt and pepper to taste... this quantity will be enough for 4 to 5 servings.

I prefer using a lot of onion in this mixture and a lot of chopped green chillies too , the motive behind this is basically making the fiber content , as well as the mineral and vitamin content higher for this stuffing . So using less pungent varieties of onion will be sensible . I use the large variety of green chillies( the variety i used is called Bangalore torpedo) , just because they are very mildly hot and i can add a lot in the recipe. Using green bell peppers will be a good idea too , i never use bell peppers unless i am cooking just for myself. The husband is allergic to bell peppers.

Just as you mix the paneer with other ingredients , smother a generous amount of the mixture to one bread , cover with the other slice and grill as convenient to you. I grill such sandwiches on lightly greased pan.

The bread has a nice taste of fenugreek , ajwain and red chilly flakes , a pleasantly herbed bread with a nutty taste of whole wheat ( so different from the white flour breads ) . The bread actually makes this sandwich very very good.

If you want to bake a fenugreek bread at home it is nothing technical . Fenugreek leaves , ajwain seeds , red chilly flakes and a bit of salt n pepper are added to the bread dough before the final rise . The finished bread has a lot of aroma of the herbs used and is very very flavorful .

We like a tall glass of buttermilk with this particular sandwich . One reason is that we like it with buttermilk or salted lassi , the other being, plain milk is not advised to be consumed along with any king of cheese, curd or curdled milk, according to the principles of Ayurveda.

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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm! I am hungry seeing the yum yum sandwich.

  2. considering food as a must and considering time in day to day life in metro and above all considering quality time in life in metro .... oh my GOD its very 2, 2, difficult.... above all nutrition is a big question? i love this

  3. Can I have one please ;-)?

  4. Looks great dear, and so perfect for breakfast.

  5. So healthy and so yum, Sangeeta, you must consider shippig such healthy breakfasts to us too, Bangalore is not too far away!How about online sales on request?

  6. It could be a perfect lunch. I love the way you spiced the paneer!

  7. very healthy. I just need a cup of coffee to take along with this great sandwich. Awesome.


  8. I make a similar one with hung curd, but I dont bake bread, not very confident about doing that

  9. This i can TRY... no the baking part but making the filling .. will let u know how it goes ..


  10. oh great i was running out ideas for b'fast. this is super... i think i'll add some chaat masala in the mix as well.

  11. @ Rajani , use chaat masala only if you love that blend .... for me chaat masala is only reserved for chaats , Fruit chaats or otherwise. The kaala namak in the chaat masala is quite a taste spoiler for many delicately flavored dishes.

  12. Hi Sangeeta,
    I noticed here that you have posted about fenugreek bread. Is that recipe also online? I tried looking through the bread recipes but managed to get confused. What is AP flour? Can I make bread with 50% wheat flour and 50% maida? can you pass me the link to the post which has the bread recipe?
    Thanks, sorry for the trouble:)

  13. Hi Aparna ...there is a basic breads post on this blog which can be modified to make any kind of herb breads too. I rarely post bread recipes although i make them all the time..there are many great blogs dedicated to breads and baking only :-)
    You can check out the basic breads on my blog, i make bread with 100% whole wheat atta too and i like that more than the maida bread. AP flour is all purpose flour, ie, maida.

    I am editing this post to add the link basic breads.


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