mushrooms and spinach soup ......khumb palak..

This is one of my favorite soups to have during the winters . Warm and comforting . A creamy flavorful soup made with minimal effort. Even more comforting .

Most interesting is that the soup can be used as a curry for a roti subzi meal , it is just a matter of adjusting the consistency and you have a nice mushrrom palak . The mushroom palak or khumb palak made this way looks similar to palak paneer but he taste is quite different , so it will be a nice change if you are looking for a subzi or curry with the green gravy of spinach puree...

The ingredients are few and so very importantly essential for the recipe......

lots of garlic chopped ( as much as you like)
spinach leaves with soft stems steamed and pureed 
mushrooms sliced 
salt and pepper 
and a few pinches of nutmeg powder , freshly grated over the cooking soup
butter or ghee
fresh cream if you insist ..I suggest you do :-)

Procedure is even more simple.....

Heat the butter in a pan and throw in the chopped garlic , let the garlic brown on low heat.

Add the mushrooms and stir fry . The mushrooms will release a lot of water first and then become shrunk and drier...stir fry till they are shrunk and dryish...

Add the spinach puree , some red chilly powder before adding spinach if you want it hot.
Add salt n pepper as well and let it come to a gentle boil . Add some milk depending on the consistency you want... Grate the nutmeg holding the micro-plane above the pan.Mix well and take the soup off the heat and keep covered for a couple of minutes.

The soup is ready .... under ten minutes...add a bit of cream for garnish . The cream adds a richness and accentuates the flavors of nutmeg. The mushrooms actually bloom into this soup as the minimal aromatic spicing and garlic butter stir frying of the mushrooms makes them incredibly delicious. The creamy spinach comes like a nice foil to the mushrooms.

I had it with a chapati for lunch too , that was without cream version .With added cream the color changes a bit and the flavors improve too.... I added a just a pinch of red chilly powder , do not make this soup any more hot as the mild flavors of nutmeg and garlic butter will be masked by the red chillies...

I made this soup after a long time , actually someone asked for another version of spinach soup ( she had already enjoyed this particular spinach soup posted here) and I typed this mushroom and spinach soup quickly .... in short ................. within an hour there were words like ..... ummm.....yummmyy.....coming up into the chat box .... that is when I decided to make it the very next day.... was craving badly for this ... if only chats could transfer a warming bowl of soup across the wires...sigh!!

Tell me when you try this soup .... do not replace a single ingredient and i know it will be a favorite, bang on...



  1. he he he :-P I think I know that someone ;-)
    This soup is zimbly amazing, its bcome my fav too :)

  2. good soup for a change from the usual ones..

  3. healthy, refreshing and nutritious soup.

  4. totally my kind with as much garlic as much U want....


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