hummus ....and broccoli ...

Look who is eying the hummus ....the yummy hummus ... mmmm....

Hummus should be the friend of all health conscious people , it has all the goodness of extra virgin olive oil , sesame and garbanzo beans . I always keep a big bowlful of boiled garbanzo beans aside whenever i make chhole . The frozen or refrigerated garbanzo beans come in handy for a healthy quick breakfast of chickpea chaat or a veggie salad with bread kinda meal... I love the garlicky hummus and the buttery texture makes it sure that you don't miss the cheese or butter in your meals/breakfast.

The recipe of hummus is simple and the internet has loads of hummus recipes to choose from , just include it in your repertoire and you will be surprised how a quick breakfast can be so satisfying , and how some boring vegetables ( never are veggies boring for me although) get a nice makeover ....

I do not use tahini sauce for my hummus . I prefer making everything from scratch. So it is some lightly toasted sesame seeds , powdered first in the mixie , lots of garlic and some lemon juice are added along with boiled chickpeas and made into a fine or coarse paste ...the way you like it . With different things i like it differently and sometimes with additives like finely chopped celery ( stalks and leaves ) or roughly chopped spring onions are some of my favorite add ons in a hummus.

The watery liquid in which the chickpeas are boiled may be needed while making the paste so it has to be reserved ...i like my hummus a bit thin....drizzle liberally with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle some hot red chilly flakes .

For the ingredients ratio ......
a cup of boiled chickpeas , 1 tbsp of sesame seeds , 2 cloves or more of garlic , lemon juice and salt to taste and generous amounts of olive oil and red chilly much as you want of anything as the recipe can be customized to your own taste...

Adding whole boiled chickpeas to the hummus is good idea too. I made this salad with lightly steamed broccoli , boiled chickpeas , salt n pepper to taste and a generous amount of Hummus as a dressing ...

 A rich and creamy dressing , a healthy alternative to the usual high trans fat ready made dressings....steamed green beans are another favorite of mine with the freshly made hummus....Arvind likes it with boiled or roasted potatoes too.... whatever you like with hummus , but hummus is the first thing to start liking if you have not yet started with it....many of my real life friends should convert to hummus.....for the daily bread or for the salads...the real life friends are the ones for whom this post is directed to...
are you listening??

Are you soaking the chickpeas now....make it for your salads if you have disliked it with the bread and you will find it awesome... Even with breads it is better with some steamed vegetables .......the way i like....

I can have it as it is ...

Try it with baked corn chips if everything else ( suggested here) has met with a 'shrunk nose' expression...make the hummus ...that is my point and enjoy with anything you fancy.....


  1. Hummus, I simply love this, I still remember when one of my friends introduced me to the Lebanese/Mediterranean food, hummus, falafel & pita bread with pickled veggies. I love chhole, but I feel the chickpeas flavour is enhanced like this :) In short, its finger licking good, I really feel like dipping my finger in the bowl and licking it :-P One more thing added "TO-COOK" list :-)

  2. This looks so healthy and delicious. I love hummus and broccoli but have never enjoyed them together.

  3. Never tried this combo. I love both hummus and broccoli. So tempted to try.

  4. Hummus it is... Way to go.. I'm sure foing to soak my chole today and start on the hummus tomorrow.Salad dressing wow.How about using as spread on rotis and rolling it up with some salad veggies?
    I love your writing style.

  5. wow nice hummus is my altime fav with kubus and grilled chocken yummy

  6. I love the hummus with corn chips... but never thought of making at home :) thanks for sharing :)

  7. I love hummus too! Yours looks really great! The broccoli salad would be nice for my supper too.

  8. thats why I love your blog so much Sangeeta. you make it look very easy. I once tried it and it was too runny. will try your recipe now.

  9. I have made hummus before, but this is the real deal!! Thank you for sharing...

  10. I just started soaking and boiling my own chickpeas and then freezing them. I love the texture much better and no added sodium too.

    Lovely salad. I wouldn't have thought of using hummus as a dressing.


  11. Thanks for the recipe, was quick, & so easy-even for a beginner like me.. and way better than the store bought variety!! You really have a knack for making cooking so interesting & healthy. God Bless!!


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