Friday, January 7, 2011

turnip and tomatoes in a soup ...

Here i am wishing all my health concious friends a happy new year . I hope you are still sticking to your new year resolution to keep fit although i have lost my track to healthy eating  . Right now i am in Chennai gorging on the food of this land voraciously and i am not regreting being on these high calorie hearty meals here. I needed this treat for myself and i know i will be on my healthy eating routine once i am back home.

I had some nice winter soups in my drafts and decided to post some of them as i am kinda missing my home cooked soup dinners here , as much as I am missing the Delhi winter . Don't be surprised if my soup dinners come in a series here ..... overindulgence in the good things is always good ....

And this soup makes me feel hungry , we had it with toasted garlic bread and with a bit of white butter on top and it was awesome , I can still smell it ....

Anyone who likes turnip will be making this soup again and again and those who hate turnips may want to try it once as the inclusuion of tomatoes , celery and peas makes the taset really tempting .


two samll blushing turnips
2 stalks of celery , stems and leaves
4-5 cloves of garlic
2-3 green chillies
2 medium tomatoes
one cup of peas
1.5 tbsp of oatmeal
salt n pepper to taste
butter or ghee or any other oil of your choice 2 tsp


The recipe becomes very quick if you use a convenient chopper or food processor . I chopped the turnips , celery stalks and green chillies together in my chopper and then in the second batch the tomatoes were chopped to make a slush ...

Heat butter in a kadai or pan and add the finelt chopped garlic to it , wait till the garlic is a bit transluscent . Add the chopped turnips , celery stalks and green chillies at once and stir fry on very low flame . Microwave the peas in the meanwhile , or steam them.

Add the finely chopped tomatoes , salt and mix well . Add the cooked peas and water , enough to submerge everything and some more .

Chop the celery leaves and add to the cooking mixture , add the oatmeal too and let it boil for a couple of minutes ...

Adjust salt and pepper ...and serve immediately with some white or yellow butter ....

There is a lot of texture in this soup but it can be blended before adding the peas if you like it smooth . And the soup does not need any breads along with it as it has a bit of oatmeal in it . Homemade whole wheat bread toasted with garlic butter makes a nice accompaniment if you are ravenously hungry...

The foggy winters demand a warm comfort and all the things your body needs in this season is there in this soup.... I assume a chikki and nuts overload during the day ...this dinner balances out that indulgence ...



  1. loved all your soups, especially the low fat version of creamy garlc n spinach !! very good !!

  2. Love the long line of soups.. each one sounds amazing and different :) love them for winters :)

  3. Just the recipe for this season.

  4. whats that blushing turnip-:) elaborate preparatio

  5. Thanks for this timely soup series!! so much varity that we can have soups everyday and there is no danger of monotony.. I have already tried the cabbage and peas soup and it was a hit :) and all these new soups on your website are lined up and I can hardly wait to get started with the soup diners

  6. amarnath/millet/ are a good addition to the soap. the place of white bread is in the garbage. Starch - whole grains are a must in the morning - otherwise you will gorge in the evening and that's a buster.

    you want to loose weight - EAT Breakfast like a king, and Lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper -