tomato and pumpkin soup .......

This soup is simpler than anything you do in the kitchen . The use of pressure cooker makes it quick and a hand blender saves your life when you are exhausted and need a warm soup before tucking into your cozy quilts . I am so missing my own bed and my quilt and of course the aroma of my own home cooked meals....

The recipe is so simple I don't feel like giving a list of ingredients separately . Just a fat slice of yellow pumpkin , a couple of tomatoes , 3-4 fat garlic cloves , two red tomatoes ( desi or heirloom will be the best ) , a fat fresh red chilly and a fat carrot ... some butter , salt and sugar to taste and you are sorted .... serves 2-3 persons .

Assuming you have already placed your pressure cooker on the gas stove ...

Keep the flame low and thrash 3-4 cloves of garlic with skin . Heat a tbsp or two butter in the cooker pan and throw in the garlic .

Slit a fat red chilly ( I used the one used for stuffed pickles in the north of India ) and throw into the pan ... red chilly flakes will be equally great .

Cube a 250 gm piece of yellow fleshed pumpkin ans a fat carrot quickly as you go on adding these to the pan . Toss well to coat and let these brown a bit on the edges as you chop 2 tomatoes in quarters .

Toss again and add salt while the tomatoes get mushy . Add water and a little sugar ( 1 tsp) and pressure cook for 5 minutes.

Blend the soup as soon as the pressure releases , pass through the soup quickly through a strainer and heat once more if needed . I do not need it normally as there are no other things added after this .

Serve at once with the choice of your bread , we had it with ghee toasted oatmeal bread , yes... homemade as always . A sandwich will be good if you are very hungry at the end of the day....

The soup is thin as no thickeners are used , almost a drinking consistency .....bursting with flavors as you sip . Garlic and fresh red chilly do a lot of good to this soup . Simple flavors and a lot of carotenoids making a splash of colors on your dinner table . These pictures are taken in the light of a CFL bulb and still I like the bright color .....

What about you ???
tomato and pumpkin soup .......

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  1. A combo of ingredients I've used with great success on my finicky daughter,I just love you use of flavours, and just the way I rapidly chop and toss things into the cooker too!OYu inspire me to start on soup dinners too!thanks so much



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