desi pumpkin soup with fennel.....

I like a certain saunfia kaddu ( fennel spiked pumpkin curry) very much and the husband loves it too. So i thought of converting it into a soup and it was great with the multi grain bread for dinner. Simple quick recipe and a comfort food ready to devour.

Just think of what all nutrients you are getting , lots of lycopene and carotenoids apart from the goodness of fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds too .


yellow fleshed pumpkin 250 gm
asafoetida a pinch
fennel seeds 2 tsp
fenugreek seeds 1 tsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
red chilly powder 1 tsp
a scant piece of seedless tamarind ( 1/4th of a pod )
mustard oil 2 tsp
salt to taste

procedure ...

Heat the oil in the pressure cooker pan and throw in the asafoetida , fennel and fenugreek seeds . Wait till they turn fragrant , taking care not to burn them as the fragrance of these tow seeds is crucial to this soup.

Add the pumpkin pieces and toss to coat , add the turmeric and red chilly powders , toss again .... add the salt and the piece of tamarind . Add sufficient water for the soup and pressure cook for 5 minutes . Blend ( use hand blender if you have one ) and serve at once .

There is no need to sieve this soup as the seeds become quite soft after pressure cooking and get blended well. It is an aromatic soup and the first whiff of fennel gives way to a milder fenugreek . It is mildly tart and the flavors are balanced well to my taste and you would love it if you are like me .

The color of the soup is a bit dull , tamarind makes it so i guess but the flavors make a winning combination ..... make this if you don't care about the looks .... it is damn tasty and some pumpkin haters have found it yummy too.....
Two pumpkin soups back to back .... and both are terrific ... and quick ... 

Didn't i warn you there will be a hail of soups here ........


  1. I am a pumpkin lover anyway....but will use of refined sunflower oil change the flavour of the soup?

  2. Hi Rajani...if you want to avoid mustard oil you can always use any oil of your choice . For these flavors to develop i think it will be better to use 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds with the tempering if using any other oil.

  3. i havent tried eating pumpkin still now. different one for me.

  4. Even I haven't ever had a pumpkin soup ever!!! but I will try this saunf, methi and imli with pumpkin

  5. This one is amazing.... Loved the hot Indian flavour of the soup, and it was just right for the weather out here, its raining in this part ..... :-P JJJJJ. I have half pumpkin still left with me, now I'm in two minds whether to make veggie or soup of that :).

  6. Thanks Anonymous ...this reminds me to make this soup gain ..the weather is right here too :)


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