potato salad with dill and mustard dressing...

I know you would say there is too much dill into this potato salad . It is not a salad for you if you do not like dill but if you love the freshness of dill you would be repeating this salad all through the dill season ....

Dill season here in India is the time when new potatoes start appearing into the markets , that is , the onset of winters . Baby new potatoes are so good for this fresh green salad ... yes , potatoes for a green salad .

Okay you have to love the spring onions too to like this salad ...

The dressing ...

English mustard 2 tbsp
lemon juice 1 tbsp 
chopped green chillies 1 tbsp
finely chopped garlic 1 tsp
salt n pepper to taste
mustard oil or toasted sesame oil 2 tsp

salad ingredients...

boiled and sliced baby potatoes 3 cups
sliced spring onions  lower halves only 1 cup
chopped dill leaves 3/4 cup or as much you like


Mix the dressing ingredients and give a good shake .

Throw in the dill leaves and mix well , leave for a good ten minutes .

Toss in the spring onions and sliced potatoes , adjust seasonings and serve immediately .

The salad can be a great lunch option with some chips or crackers ( healthy ones of course ) , a great stuffing for pita pockets and as a side dish with an Indian lunch . With roasted papads they are great conversation food....keep on breaking bits of papads and scooping up the potato salad .....

  A small bite for you...



  1. am not very fond of Dill but the marriage of dill with mustard sounds promising. the idea of this salad is total drool worthy. we can have this for breakfast...lunch and dinner...awesome.

  2. looks delicious, and is that aloo papad with the salad.......? I am not very fond of dill leaves, reading your blogs, I have started using it sparingly :). I tried adding some dill leaves to aloo bharta, as I ran out of coriander leaves at home... :-P

  3. Thanks everybody...

    @ anonymous ... it's not aloo papad , the kali mirch flavor of lijjat papad it is and it was so yummy with the papad .

    With aloo bharta i like dill too , have tried it with a different aloo bharta ...will share the recipe soon.

  4. nice salad....I'm not a very big fan of dill but slowly I'm trying to use it in my cooking....

  5. I love dill and I am IN for this salad....looks really yumm n appetizing.

  6. Long time since I had chunks of potato like that.

  7. i dont know what's dill.. but any dish with sweet potatoes will be heavenly. the salad looks easy to make to me..

  8. I have never used dill before, but this recipe is kind of inspiring me :)

  9. @ Devasena... dill is called suva or soya bhaji in hindi . In Uttar Pradesh it is cooked with the greens , soya palak and soya methi are a great combination for saag recipes.


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