Wednesday, November 10, 2010

amla chutney ..... mashed indian gooseberry with mustard..

Amla is in season and i have started making fresh chutneys with it . Full of Vitamins C , Carotenes , Calcium , Phosphorus , Iron and many more ........... it is sup[posed to be a great antioxidant food good for kaya kalpa ( rejuvenation ) wonder this is an essential ingredient in many kitchens including mine . I used to add an amla to my daughters khichdi every day . Adding an amla to your daals is a great idea to incorporate some seasonal goodness to your meals...

I make this chutney every year and use it as a side subzi in fact ( like a bharta ) . This is my grandmother's recipe and she used to make large quantities of this . Recipe is simple but the end product is very versatile in it's use on...

amla ( indian gooseberries ) 250 gm
yellow mustard seeds 1.5 tbsp
ginger chopped 2 tbsp
garlic cloves 15 or more
green chillies 10 or more
salt to taste
turmeric powder 2 tsp
mustard oil 2 tsp

procedure ....

Boil the amla using a cup of water till they are soft and yield to touch . The segments of amla should get disintegrated when pressed . Reserve the water .

Make a powder of mustard seeds , add all the other ingredients except mustard oil into the mixie jarand make a fine paste , adding the amla water .

Mash the amla and mix the paste with it , add the mustard oil and the mash is ready .

It tastes better the next day but it can be consumed right away .... we like them with just anything . The day i photographed it , we had methi parathas with it . Just smear the mash over the parathas like to spread butter on bread , roll up and enjoy .

Or if you are like me , wrap the chutney smeared parathas around a slaw salad . Here i have used slivers of radish and spring onions dressed in English mustard as a filling .... yummy...

I get many requests for lunch box ideas and this combo can be a great option for that . This wrap can be assembled at the time of consumption and the chutney and salad can be packed separately .........


  1. chutney is awesome and i love the sandwich paratha.. looks delicious with the crunch of radish and spring onions along with this cutney..

  2. Different. In south indian cooking, we make pickles out of it. I have never used it as such in cooking..

    Nice one.

  3. beautiful recipe. I only eat murabba and salted amla ...this one is definitely tempting.

  4. Sangeeta, I am surely trying this, sounds amazing.

  5. Yummy and healthy recipe.. looks nice !!

  6. Sangeeta, now I know what i'm gonna do with a bag of frozen amlas in my freezer.....

  7. Wonderful, colorful dish. I love the spices used! Warm and spicy. :)

  8. tonge ticling looking spicy.
    thanks for visitingi am also 1st timehereu havewonderfl space i follow urblog andif like my blogdo thesame

  9. Dear Sangeeta
    Thanks for the recipe..I hope Amlas will survive in the market till I come back.
    Have a nice week

  10. Sangeeta, This is really looking good, i did not know any use of amla apart from achar and murabba, my list of 'to try soone' from your recipes is growing long by the day :)

    warm regards

  11. Sangeeta,
    A very good recipe with amla..well let me go check if we get amla over here..hugs and smiles

  12. an award for you :-)

  13. Dear Sangeeta
    I made nice and great taste ...kept in my fridge ..for future use.

  14. Great recipes.Also thanks for writing about Amlaki (Indian Gooseberry). I found that it is the main ingredient in a traditional Ayurvedic supplement called Chyawanprash. I get my supply from Nature's Formulary. They use the original 2000 year old recipe, preservative free and packaged in USA. Here is a link: