onion stuffed paratha ..... made healthier...

Stuffed paratha is not a very common breakfast during summers in my home but it's a different story when it is raining . It's not so easy to succumb to a paratha n still stay guilt free ..... well , we can always try for more ways of being guilt free......

At my place it is the husband who asks for a paratha and i have to think of ways to make it healthier , having said that , parathas are not a unhealthy breakfast at all if it is not dripping with ghee n made of refined flour. Yes , some people really poke holes in the paratha so that it can absorb more ghee n become more crisp .... there was a time when i also loved that kind of paratha but those were my younger and athletic days , faster metabolism and active life.... Thankfully , age makes us wiser n smarter to think of alternatives and here it is a great alternative to onion paratha ......... more fiber , less ghee n some protein thrown in....

 ( makes 4 parathas )
whole wheat flour 1 cup
oatmeal 1/4 cup
onions finely chopped 3/4 cup to 1 cup (depending on how much you can manage to stuff in each paratha )
green coriander leaves 1/2 cup
green chillies 2-3
roasted skinned chickpeas 2 tbsp or roasted chickpea flour / sattu 2 tbsp
salt n pepper to taste
ghee 1 tsp per paratha


Mix whole wheat flour and oatmeal , add enough water and make a dough of medium firm consistency ...

Mix green coriander , green chillies , roasted chickpeas , salt n pepper and grind in a mixie jar to make a coarse powder , it will be a moist crumbly powder .

Mix chopped onions to this crumbly powder and mix well , the moist onions will get coated with this powdery dry mixture ....mix it till copped onions start binding together ...now the onions can be stuffed easily into the parathas ...

Proceed as any stuffed paratha , try to stuff as much onions as you can and shallow fry with minimal ghee.

Frying on very low heat using a thick base tawa ensures crisp parathas when you are using less ghee ... addition of oatmeal also results in a crisp crusted paratha.... use of a non stick tawa is optional but i detest non stick ware...

Serve with fresh plain curds or cucumber raita if you want more fiber  :)

The pictures are bad but the parathas are yummy n filling .......... the crust is very very crisp , you get a mild green coriander flavor , it's quite hot with green chillies n black pepper used and onions are as they should be in a onion paratha ... translucent n mushy still having a slight crunch about them.

The addition of roasted chickpea flour facilitates stuffing of this crumbling mixture and adds to the protein content as well , but the taste of roasted chickpeas is quite subtle in this .....it is onion , coriander , pepper ......... in that order .......... taste wise...with just a hint of roasted chickpea.


  1. LOve the healthy parathas. I like the idea if adding oats and chick peas to the onion stuffing.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for all your comments.

    Re Bhakhri: Gujarati's tend to make it with wheat flour and I use butter and milk but you can substitute the butter for oil. My blog has a recipe for millet flour rotlas which has very healthy as you don't add any oil or ghee to the dough.


  2. Dear Sangeeta
    The recipe is very new for me...will try soon. But I will make it bit more healthy by using 2 tsp ghee, instead of 1. I think 1 tsp will make it a health paratha rather than healthy..:-)
    Have a nice week

  3. Dear Ushnish....

    it takes a bit of work to spread the ghee all over paratha if you have a limit of 1 tsp but it can be done though you may end up with a darker paratha like this one....ha ha..

  4. Parathas are looking very yummy and delicious!!! nice clicks!!!

  5. sounds good to me, I'm going to try it. This time, truly will give it a try, as it sounds easy..

  6. Yummy n healthy paratha's..looks very nice...

  7. U know that's my first fav. kind in parathas...yummy

  8. They look really good, and healthy too...how wonderful.

  9. For the first time I made onion parathas like theses, tasted nice, though I found it little difficult to roll as the filling started spilling out of the dough ...

  10. Thanks all of you sweeties........

    Puja ....rolling a stuffed paratha is a skill n after a few trials you'll be doing good.

  11. Hi!
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog.... Lovely space you have here.
    I understand what you're talking about when you say about 'letting go - putting on wt - losing it - becoming fit with a healthy diet n workout'... I was able to Minus 17 Kgs.

    These parathas look amazing despite being healthier :)
    The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts - Nachiketa
    Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

  12. hi Sangeeta,
    I made this yesterday.It was good when hot but was a bit hard when cool..Any tips? Thanks in advance


  13. Hi Vini ... any paratha when made with less ghee tends to get chewy when cold .... if you plan to make the parathas for later use , apply ghee a bit liberally , using oil will be better in winters . Also roasting the paratha for lesser time on a higher flame will be better for keeping it soft when cold .

    Did you microwave the paratha to reheat ?? In that case the paratha may get dehydrated due to MW , for that paratha can be reheated in MW wrapped in a moist cloth napkin .

    Keeping the dough softer and onion content higher in the filling will help in this particular paratha too.


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