sweet corn in green masala ... a useful multipurpose paste..

I wasn't home for about two weeks and the husband had to defrost food every night for dinner , i made a lot of things and froze them and it was very very convenient for him . For breakfast , the usual boiled eggs and sprouts and milk he could manage by his own , but the real challenge was to arrange for the evening tea time snack as he really feels hungry at returning home .

I made this green masala paste and kept it in the fridge so that he can rustle up a filling snack within 5 minutes .........these pics were the result of a demonstration , how it has to be mixed and stirfried or microwaved ........shelled sweet corns and sweet corn on the cob was separately stored in the fridge for his convenience .....can you imagine i has to tell on phone which side the corn is stored and where the green paste is ........ :) :)

ingredients for the green paste...
( enough to make 10 - 12 servings of  green masala corn )

green coriander leaves chopped roughly 2 cups
fresh mint leaves 1 cup
cumin seeds 1 tbsp
black pepper corns 1 tsp
garlic cloves 6 ( indian ones)
green chillies 10 -12 ( as per taste )
lemon juice 1 tbsp
salt to taste

Whiz everything in wet grinder jar of your mixie and keep in airtight container in the fridge for future use , or use immediately ........keeps well in the fridge for two weeks.

to proceed.....

Mix 1 tbsp of the green paste with 1 cup of shelled corn kernels and microwave for 2 minutes on high .

Alternatively heat 1 tsp of butter in a pan and stir fry the mixture for 2-3 minutes , you see some of the corn kernels blistered and that's it ....... it gives a different taste when stirfried and you can choose as per your choice.......we love both ways.

Ah yes there is one more way to make it if you have sweet corn on the cob , just snap the cob into two pieces ( gets easy to place in the pan or in a microwavable bowl) , smear the green paste all over generously and microwave covered for 4-5 minutes.......or stir fry in a shallow pan with some butter and be merry.........

It's healthy anyway stirfried or microwaved , a filling snack or even a side dish as it's so yummy lip smacking chatpata ( hot n savory ) dish.....with strong flavors of cumin , heat from green chillies and black pepper the chutny like green masala complements well the sweetness of the corn .....no wonder i didn't find any leftover corn in the fridge when i returned .....though some green masala was there to make my cooking easier after the journey.......

Did i tell you that the husband rustled up this green snack for himself fine , but he never made tea for himself...... and no he wasn't lazy i think ..it's just that both of us enjoy our tea in company..........not alone  ...so this tea time snack , as it was meant to be was just a filling evening snack for a while....:) :)

I made a green arbi with the paste , i make green potatoes with it too and both of these veggies make great side dishes with this green paste..........just sliced up arbi ( colocasia roots) stir fried with this paste using minimal mustard oil...............

I keep a few pastes handy for day to day cooking too , this paste is made whenever i find fresh ingredients , any veggies can be stir fried with this paste within a matter of minutes , paneer and fried tofu taste very good with this ...... you can always go with your own instincts to make good use of it ....

I just take care not to consume any raw chutny  made with store bought coriander leaves in the rainy season , it's sensible not to do so in our country ..... if you grow your own herbs , it's great for so many more reasons....



  1. Wowwwwwwwwww... Wonderful recipe.. very new to me.. truly delicious.. thanks for sharing dear !!

  2. I can surely imagine the flavours and taste as I make my potatoes in a similar way and in Nagpur the thela walas sell the corn cobs in a similar way.

  3. Dear Sangeeta
    Now you are coming up with your great recipes...I saw fresh corns in the market...I am going to try your Masala with Arvi and then corn
    Have a nice weekend

  4. Looking awesome.. Feeling like having it with you..

  5. Love the green paste and saving it for future :)

  6. That Arbi looks so yum Sangeetha..You are a perfect home-maker..I so wish to make n store such pastes,but never get the time/patience..:)

  7. yummy and tempting and inviting corn recipe.

  8. Dear Sangeeta,

    Lovely recipes specially the arbi. I will definitely try the arbies as they are my DH's favorite.

    Have a great day ahead.



  9. Corn on the cob looks yummy.....I too make few dishes with almost similar paste but never tried arbi with it....love that pic of arbi, got to try sometime now....

    and u r right dear, even if everything is stored & ready to go for U the still need to give them a quick tutorial that where to find stuff in the fridge/pantry, if u don't want it to look like storm passed thru u'r kitchen once u come back....lol...

  10. o wow, mast hai ye.. am sure this is going to be a regular from now on :)

    Looking at the ingredients for green paste, was just wondering this will make a perfect chutney, and then read ur suggestion not to have chutney with store bought coriander in this season..... hmm...

    Had been to the vegetable shop and saw corn on the cob, was remembering you, now I know why ;-)

  11. Looks yummy! Never had corns prepared this way, would love to try!

  12. really different try Sangeetha.. I'm going to try this out.
    Atleast ur husband heats up and eats. All Hari does is make tea, nothing else.


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