Sunday, July 25, 2010

i am back with a peach salad and more.....

It has been a long long break from blogs for me , but it was unplanned and i missed being here , moreover i feel very very apologetic for not responding timely to some of the queries , i understand when i make a commitment with my readers through this blog , i need to be in constant touch with you all ........... i know i will be forgiven and i don't take all your love for granted ....

My blogs have given me lots of smiles , lots of blessings and a few good friends to top it all ......... my love and respect for all of you is not going to change ever ......even if my postings are less's all my loss ....i missed so many great things ..............and am trying to catch up.

As you know this blog is for simple day to day food which is affordable to all , and essentially healthy.............this time it is a favorite fruit salad of mine ..

I make this salad whenever i have more peaches than i can eat fresh for my between the meals snacking ......i love peaches and often end up buying huge quantities .............many of them end up getting wrinkled and soft after a few days in the fruit basket........

The leftover peaches give me a sorry look with their wrinkled skin ..... but i know they are as flavorful as the fresh ones , just a bit softened sometimes, this salad is a perfect way to consume large amount of this fruit in a yummy way........and to remind you , not so fresh peaches make a good salad :)

As i like my fruit salads without a creamy dressing , you may find this more like a fruit chaat , for me it's not a fruit chaat as it does not have the quintessential chaat masala , moreover a chaat should have at least 3-4 fruits to qualify to be a fruit chaat .... my mouth is salivating at the mention of fruit chaat n now i come to this salad before i get distracted....:)

ingredients .....

fully ripe ( and not so fresh ) peaches 4 nos.
sugar 1-2 tsp depending on how sweet are the peaches
black rock salt 1/4 tsp
mint powder 1 tsp ( or fresh mint paste )
black pepper powder 1/4 tsp
few springs of mint for garnishing ( optional )


Chop the peaches in small chunks discarding the stone .

Sprinkle sugar and salt over them , toss and keep covered for 5 minutes or so.....till sugar crystals dissolve and some juices from the fruit oozes out .

Sprinkle the mint powder or add mint paste if using , toss well and serve with or without garnish .

It keeps well into the fridge for a couple of hours and can be made in advance for a planned meal .

I love the flavors and can have it as a meal by itself , pomegranate seeds make a great addition but i do that only occasionally ..........this being a day to day salad easy to chop and assemble........sugar , back rock salt n powdered mint mixed with the juices of the fruit make such a yummy syrupy coating to the fruit chunks.......there is always some syrupy juice in the bottom of the'd end up licking the bowl i bet.........

I have something more to share....

I made some ragi crackers and apple chips today ............healthy , nutritious and great snacks for the health conscious people  .....tell me how would you like to have them with your tea or as a mid morning snack ....

Many more exciting recipes are waiting to come to this space and i promise to come with home made tofu as i had promised in my last has been a busy time for me and i had to juggle with many things .....all good things of course ............ i cooked a lot , enjoyed a lot and got exhausted ..........

Thank God i have my blogs to refresh me and to rejuvenate pamper me and to make me happy........someone in Bangalore says appy .........

Wishing happiness to you all........


  1. Thank Goodness you're back! We missed you so so much!


  2. Thanks Baldie......i want some feedback on food featured here.

    waiting for you used to do long time back..

  3. Welcome back dear... :) salad looks nice and delicious..

  4. Hey Sangeeta, welcome back! dont worry, life gets busy sometimes.. happens to all of us. ragi crackers look so healthy.

  5. Dear sangeeta
    Nice to see you back after a long time ...missed you really...
    No one can match you in your innovative recipes related to health
    Have an nice week ahead

  6. droolworthy and yummy peach salad.

  7. welcome back dear!!!!!! yummy salad...

  8. Hi Sangeetha, Welcome back. That's fine, u r forgiven..

    I too, dont post nowadays-:) Apple chips and ragi crackers too new for me..

  9. Hi. Good to see u back dear and good to hear you were busy.
    I am in for the Ragi chips.

  10. sorry in for the ragi crackers.

  11. Hi Sangeeta! great to get you back. love the peach salad. looks tempting.

  12. Ragi chips sounds interesting! Sure to try this

  13. wow, that looks great !!! all 3 recipes. specially the ragi crackers and apple chips.

  14. Thanks all of you for the sweet words .

  15. So good to see you back.Peaches are in full season here,love the chaat salad.And the crackers and chips would certainly me very appy :D

  16. aaah...Yasmeen , appy i felt when you could see this...

  17. Glad to see u that peach salad.....& will love to munch on those apple chips....correct me if I'm wrong.....did u moved to bangalore or i'm missing something here....

  18. Welcome back the blogosphere. Peaches are in full season here in the southern United States-they are plentiful. Your use of peaches to create this simple delicious salad is awesome. Thanks for the reminder that I need to pick up some peaches.

  19. Thanks .....

    @ Spice i am still in Delhi , it was just that someone in Bangalore was feeling happy cuz i had cheered her's a great feeling in itself you know..

  20. If I forgive you for not writing any post in a long time, will you forgive me for being late in posting comments?? ;)

    I really like this salad and I am sure that this is going to become a regular at my table...

    Ragi crackers and apple chips both look promising... I would surely like to try them

  21. yuuuuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyyy is the word ..... Looks like,need to dig up some new words/ create a few ;-), kuch naya comment karenge :-P. ye dil maange more, waiting for crackers and apple chips ;-).

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