mixed vegetables stir fried with cumin pepper seasoning

I never get bored with veggies , i do not remember a single vegetable i don't like and actually i want to tell everybody that nature has provided us the best nutrients in the form of these colorful gems .......just season them wisely ....according to the season n climate ...and of course your mood .....and see how you fall in love with them.........

It's more important to love your vegetables when you want to feel light n energetic ........throughout the day and want to wake up with a refreshed mind ............it is important to enjoy the vegetables in the lightest preparations , as it will be then that you will be able to include in your daily meals .........i see many people who love to eat heavily buttered or fried preparations as a main course and the stir fried simple vegetable dish is neglected to be on the side .......to top it all , the vegetable side dish is the one who plays the role of extra on the dining table .........the protagonist wins the best performance award and the extras go back to the fridge ( and sometimes worse....the bin)...........SAD.....i detest...

I prefer making a simple vegetable stir fry very very flavorful with a combination of a couple of spices( not too many)........so that it fills my senses with the spice being used .........the spices and vegetables can always be chosen according to mood ( and convenience off course most of the times )........i would prefer a colorful platter with hot spices whenever i am feeling dull and low..........and then my subzi will be the proud protagonist ......not to be overlooked ...to be savored in it's full glory .......the story can have some cameos too  ....... raw salad and plain curds on the side and hot rotis.......i have consciously chosen to eat healthy n simple.........for more than one reasons......

This is the kind of  food which liberates you.........from slaving the stove , form colic and flatulence* , from
the guilt pangs , from counting calories............treats you with occasional liberty to enjoy your chocolate mousse .........

* i mean oily , fried and overly processed food causes such symptoms but sometimes raw vegetable can
cause colic and flatulence too , so seasonings like fennel n ajwain may be helpful in such cases ........... curds is helpful too...


mixed vegetables chopped in small pieces 4 cups
( i used  cauliflowers , carrots n a few beans)
steamed peas 1 cup
a couple of spring onions bulbs and greens chopped separately
cumin seeds for tempering 1 tsp
cumin seeds and black peppercorns for seasoning 1 tbsp each
salt to taste
turmeric powder 1 tsp
ghee 1-2 tsp ( or butter )


Powder the cumin and peppercorns in a mortar n pestle ( you need freshly pounded)....coarse or fine ..

Heat ghee in a pan and throw in the cumin seeds and let them crackle....put the flame off.

Throw in the powdered cumin n pepper and turmeric powder at once...........be quick and throw all the chopped vegetables except spring onion greens , mix well and add salt .........now put it back on flame and continue cooking....this is to prevent burning of the powdered spices and to preserve the aroma in the ghee.

Cover and cook stirring occasionally , the veggies should be just cooked and not mashed for this stirfry and the aroma of the cumin and pepper should not be allowed to evaporate so keeping the lid on while cooking is good idea........

Serve immediately after cooking and see how do you like it.

As no red or green chilly is being used in this stir fry , you can use more amount of cumin n pepper powders for heat ......more the better n it will result in a darker color finish.......and a burning sensation on you tongue
long after you have finished you meal........i love it that way sometimes...
What do you think about ghee ??

I think ghee is good for the health , Ayurveda says it heals the inner tract and helps detoxification , i would like to believe this..........my grandmother was a healthy slim active lady who lived more than a century with 40 percent of her hair black and sufficient teeth to enjoy her bhuna chana  ( roasted gram ).........

How were your grandparents without the refined oils and the fancier ( and healthier ) fashionable imports ????


  1. It Looks Yummy i want to come to your home and eat it with you!!

  2. Dear sangeeta
    This is an awesome dish. I like it. I am just imagining how great it will be with 1 tbsp each of cumin and pepper. Never tried such high degree of cumin. Will try soon.
    Have a nice week ahead

  3. Yummyyyyyyy... looks sooo delicious and colorful.. nice clicks too!!

  4. Sangeeta, nice recipe and thoughts. I won't say there is not single veggie I don't like. But, yes, I eat all of them as I know they are all good in their own way and I too agree that ghee is not really 'bad' :)

  5. Great!!!.. I need more posts like these to make me feel happy about eating healthier...earlier i used to feel sad that all I am eating is "boring" stuff...

    and I also need all thes tips about use of different spices...it does make the cooking and eating more interesting :D

  6. this looks great....i make the exact combination of mix veg but with different spices.....will try your version...i made alu gobhi your style yesterday and liked it very much..i was not sure if it will be spicy without red chilli..but i liked it as it came out to be......my husband looked at the recipe open on my laptop and was like : "now u are seeing recipe of alu gobhi also" ;-) hehe
    i have literally become your follower!

  7. Wow wonderful colorful and healthy dish in plate.. yumm I can have this as a main dish itself..

  8. Delicious way to have all the vegetables,looks nice and colourful sangeetha..

  9. stir fry looks so colorful and healthy! love the cumin pepper seasoning too.

  10. Thanks everybody for the sweet comments , there are times when you need them the most , it was such a day today...thanks again.

    Swatantra...you are always welcome darling....i'll come back to you very soon.

    Amrita , it's my pleasure to come up with more such posts ...the motivation comes from you all , truly.

    Crazy , throw some of your craziness this way too....it will do a lot of good to me.

  11. Adding spices makes all the difference,another wonderfully healthy subzi :D

  12. Everything you make is gorgeous!

  13. Subzi sounds healthy n interesting.
    so drop in at my blog sometime.

  14. I love veggie stir fry too, your version looks very tasty!

  15. HI Sangeeta

    I read about your lasun & bathua chapati . i just wanted to confirm is this the same bathua what you get in delhi as this is a weed grown here in usa


  16. Hi it is excellent

  17. Thanks Oceanspray...
    About your query regarding bathua leaves......i checked out your link and yes it is the same weed , it grows as a weed in India too especially in wheat fields ...it is not a cultivated green as much as i know...but is used because of it's nutritional value .

  18. that's too good Sangeeta !! simple and delicious are the words which come to my mind while going through this recipe!! you're absolutely right about the addition of ajwain and fennel seeds in the dishes, they play a vital role in the digestion process !!!

    your vegetables look perfect and grand in nutriments !!! Cheers and have a nice day Sangeeta !!!!!

  19. Here after a long time,though I used to follow every post in reader..:)
    I love how simple yet flavorful all of your dishes are..so much that I can even taste it by reading..Keep going and hope you are all good..:)

  20. love that stir fry. we eat a lot of this but with onion and pepper, next time wuld try cumin as well.

  21. Lovely colorful dish and thanks for those kind words.

  22. nice and simple, i like cumin and pepper masala! will try this for lunch one day.


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