cauli-broccoli paratha ........flat breads stuffed with the florets....

What do you do when you get the freshest of the cauliflowers and broccoli....use them for salads , stir fries , soups and curries....but if it is a north Indian thinking , gobi ka paratha is the ultimate breakfast...or lunch........or dinner............anytime anywhere.....

Why not throwing some broccoli for added color and doubled up flavors.........not to mention the multiplied nutrition..............believe me it was a daily breakfast till my garden produced these white and green wonders ....the husband could have it for all three meals of the day.............i didn't mind having them myself as they are so healthy made with whole wheat flour and ghee .....

Normally the gobi paratha stuffing is made by grating the cauliflowers but i prefer larger chunky bits of cauliflowers n broccoli inside the paratha , it tastes so fresh and the textures are so crunchy as the cauliflower n broccoli bits are half cooked in the process of roasting the paratha..........the seasoning of black pepper , grated ginger , fine chopped green chillies and ajwain seeds complements the flavors of both cauliflowers and broccoli .........i have served this paratha to many of my friends and extended family and they all have converted to this version of gobi paratha.......

 The bigger chunks of broccoli and cauliflowers may be difficult for you to stuff in the flatbread but i'll share a few tips on how to stuff this filling ( in large amounts......i mean the quantity of the filling is double the quantity of dough for each paratha ) ......

I had posted the gobi n broccoli paratha last year too but someone was having difficulty in filling the stuffing n asked for detailed instructions , this post is intended to make the stuffing easier ....i could not click the pictures while stuffing them ....and i am terribly late in posting this too.........BTW these pictures of daal puri being stuffed will make the process clear.......... i am trying to explain the process step by step , read on.......

( for about 10 large parathas)

cauliflowers and broccoli 1 head each
      ( about 6 cups when chopped )
ginger grated coarsely 3 tbsp
green chillies chopped finely 2 tbsp or more
ajwain seeds 1 tsp
black pepper powder 1-2 tsp
salt to taste
whole wheat flour to make a soft pliable dough as much you require
ghee as required
  (1-2 tsp per paratha )


Make a dough which is not sticky , it should be firm and pliable .

Chop the cauliflowers and broccoli ....first separate the florets and make pieces the size of soaked white chickpeas , then chop the stems in smaller pieces ...the florets chopped this way gives a very fresh flavor of the vegetable as this is the part which is most flavorful....and you'd love the texture n cruch it provides in this paratha.........this is not a regular gobi paratha mind'd get a different taste with this kind of chopping done.

Mix the grated ginger , chopped chillies , ajwain n black pepper powder ( chopped coriander leaves are good too ) and keep not add salt to this mixture yet......keep the mixture in a wide bowl ....and keep the salt sprinkler handy......

Heat a tawa or flat pan on medium heat and shape the parathas in the following steps..............

 Pinch off a ping pong ball sized piece of dough , roll it between your palms to make it round n smooth make a cup like shape using your thumb to make the big as a tea cup and about 3 cm thick .

Turn to the gobi mixture and pull out about a tea cup of the mixture to one side of the mixing bowl......sprinkle salt and mix and fill it into the dough the filling with your thumb supporting the base of the cup with the 4 fingers may need flour dusting to prevent sticking.........

Pull the edges of the dough cup and seal it taking care not to let any air trapped inside..

Now dust the rolling board and flatten the stuffed ball gently using your 4 fingers....then gently use the rolling pin to flatten it more n make the surface smooth n distributes the filling evenly through the sides...........the gobi n broccoli pieces should get exposed but still held up inside the paratha.......

Lift the rolling board ( chopping board can be used too) with your left hand , invert the board and hold the paratha in you right hand and flip on to the hot tawa.........

Now let one side of the paratha cook , flip and smear with a little ghee and roast both side so that it cooks and red - black spots appear indicating it is cooked through...

Serve hot with plain curds and with some green chutny.........the flaky crisp envelop of the parath and crunchy bits of gobi make this paratha a special one.......i love the bits of ginger n green chilly hitting the taste buds now n will be worth all this effort .

Making the paratha in large size will be of help as the stuffing process might be difficult for paratha for one serving is not a bad idea.......or half of it if you have a small appetite.

 A lot of stuffing may get scattered into your plate while eating....there is so much filling stuffed inside.....and you will find yourself polishing off all the bit n pieces........i know you will be a convert once you taste this.......


  1. Stuffed parathas are great any time eh? :)

  2. Lovely looking paratha a very different recipe, thanks :)

  3. looks very tempting dear.. nice job!!

  4. It looks yummy, will surely try!

  5. Parathas look perfect, love the healthy stuffing.

  6. hey sangeetha..thanks for dropping by my blog..u have quite a few interesting the paratha idea...

  7. Yum parathas with such hearty stuffing of broccoli and cauliflower.Thanks for all the nutritious entries :D

  8. Nice and healthy parathas.Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice words.

  9. Cauli-broccoli in the basket look so fresh and tempting!!! refreshing as a bouquet of flowers...:D

  10. Interesting... :) I always grate the cauliflower for making parathas, will try with the chopped ones next time.... Btw, you have mentioned that the dough should be firm, I thought it would be easier with soft dough.. Isn't it...? why firm dough, is it bcoz the filling is dry and hard??

  11. Thanks Puja...
    yes , a firm dough ensures holding the stuffing inside but it should be medium firm and m\not very's more practice than proportions actually n you'd be able to make it well i am sure.

  12. these ( in picture ) cauli flower and broccoli from your garden! very nive yaar


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