tomato salsa salad with arugula

This is a salad i made in the winter months when the red radishes and this lovely arugula was growing abundantly in my garden........the salad is north Indian style tomato mash or kachumbar salad where just the tomatoes are cooked and the rest of the ingredients are raw , tomatoes can be chopped raw too but the cooked slush becomes a good medium for a salad dressing .........

The salad is simple as it looks and it was a successful attempt to make the husband eat some arugula which was so abundant in the garden ......full of fiber and the vitamin - mineral category of nutrients , a very very satisfying way to include more vegetables in our meals.


2 fully ripe tomatoes
one red onion
2 small round red radishes
a big bunch of arugula with tender stems
2 green chillies ...more or less to taste
a few springs of green corinder
1 tsp of mustard or olive oil ( i use any one of them n both taste great )
salt to taste


Roast the tomatoes or microwave till soft , peel off the skin , chop roughly and mash with a fork to make a slush.

Chop the radishes in thin quartered slices , chop the onions roughly but thinly and chop the green chillies and green coriander very finely ...keep aside.

Chop the arugula stems finely ans tear the leaves , i have kept the leaves intact as i like more crunch ..

Pour oil in a mixing bowl , throw in the salt , green chillies , green coriander and the arugula stems chopped and the tomato slush ...mix well with a fork .

Add the chopped onions and radishes into the dressing and mix well.

Add the arugula leaves in the last to preserve their crunch , it is advisable to do this last step of mixing the arugula at the time of serving.

Serve with sandwiches or with a regular daal roti ......the salad gives a face lift to any sloppy meal ....... flavorful it is and a big bowlful of this kind of a salad will ensure your raw food / fiber intake for the day...

This salad goes to Yasmeen's Crucial Cruciferous ....i am trying to post a few more recipes to make it for the event.....i love her health nut challenges ...


  1. Interesting recipe.. looks awesome!!

  2. Salad looks wonderful...must have tasted great, especially when fresh and from home garden :)

  3. i made this was awesome....both me and my husband wiped it off.....i really love your green recipes as i am fond of all things green..coincidentally green has been my favorite color since i know why :)
    i had never heard of arugula before but had read ur recipe and spotted it in the supermarket today..coincidentally for the first time today i had all the other things needed for it....most of the time it so happens that u want to make something and some ingredient is was perfect!! did u see Julie Julia? MY husband says i have become like Julia...trying out all ur recipes....:)

  4. Thanks Crazy....
    again it's divine intervention that you found arugula like you had found buckwheat when i posted that recipe...

    Thanks for being Julia for me , i have to watch the movie yet and i hope i am true to the expectations ....


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