red cabbage salad in a mustard dressing

Here i am with another quick salad recipe made with cabbage is my garden fresh red cabbage this time ..... full of antioxidants, rich in vitamins A , C and K , rich in minerals like calcium , potassium , iron and manganese............not to forget it is one of the best cancer fighting foods.

It confirms to my philosophy of a large bowl full of a fiber rich raw salad per day in a yummy healthy way...........and it is easy to make ......though chopping the cabbage is a bit time consuming if you are doing it takes me about 3-4 minutes to chop a whole red cabbage in fine shreds by hands......

Making the oil free dressing takes another couple of minutes.......
a tbsp of English mustard ( or 1 tsp of yellow mustard powder)
a tsp or more of finely chopped green chillies
a tsp of vinegar 
and salt to taste ...

Mix with a folk and the dressing is ready .......enough for a medium sized red cabbage ( green cabbage can be used too ) .

Mix the chopped cabbage with the dressing and keep in the fridge till the time of serving..

Tastes good after an hour of mixing and it can be kept in the fridge for two days , though the fresh color of the salad gets a bit dull the next day but the taste enhances , the cabbage becomes soggy and better for filling in a sandwich , a pita pocket or a burger topping .......

I like this salad hot and add more green chillies , the heat of English mustard is quite low but it blends with the green chilly n vinegar to make it hot and tangy ....enhancing the fresh taste of the cabbage.

This salad goes to Yasmeen's Health Nut Challenge Crucial Cruciferous   this is my third entry for the event.


  1. looks lovely with that gorgeous ruby red colour...indeed a bowlful of health.

  2. A tempting salad.I like it hot too.Love to add chillies in them.

  3. Salad looks good dear...mustard dressing is new to me...must be very tasty and flavorful along with the cabbage :)

  4. I love love love the color. It looks so tempting.

  5. red cabbage salad looks delicious and so healthy, Sangeeta. it must be a whole new taste level to eat it with a garden fresh cabbage, isn't it!

  6. Yes PJ ...the garden fresh cabbage is so flavorful n crunchy yet soft that it is a whole new level of taste ....
    Thank you everybody for your sweet comments.

  7. Love the color .Looks refreshing!!

  8. Such a healthy and colourful salad looks yum.

  9. Thank you very much Sangeeta for your fresh and delicious entries.I'm amazed at the variety of vegetables you grow.I've started some home gardening my self,with some easy growing herbs and few vegetables,all inspired by your home garden :D

  10. Home-grown purple cabbage - must be a very pleasing one, loved ur salad dressing, tastee.

  11. deliicous combination..nice clicks!!

  12. Hey nicedish....and i alwaz wonder what to do with this red cabbage now here is my recipe.. :) thanks for posting...

  13. hi! clicked over from smitten kitchen. i have been looking for an oil-free and mayo-free slaw recipe, so i'm happy to stumble on this post and your blog!

    what i call green chilies come in a jar. is that what you use or are you using a fresh jalapeno or serrano?

    also, what kind of vinegar do you suggest for this combo?

    looking forward to making it, thanks!

  14. Thanks Ashley...
    The green chillies i used here are fresh serrano , jalapeno is good depends how much heat you want in the salad.
    Also i used white wine vinegar, it is commonly called as vinegar here in India.


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