Well, I hate to say this, but it is a case of plagiarism and it was a chance discovery...

Arn't we all foodies smitten with food pictures? Anywhere a picture of food or a drink and our eyes ignore the headlines and pop towards the foodie picture...

This is how I spotted this in The Times Of India yesterday in Delhi Times edition. I thought I have a glass like this n a jug like this and ohh... Ihave this magazine holder too in the background.

Hmm...actually the picture is mine........the Aam panna picture from my blog is lifted without any acknowledgment  and published to remind the Delhiites to re hydrate themselves in this scorching heat. A small acknowledgment could have been better !!!

This is the scan of the  newspaper clip and though the picture is not very clear here you can click here to see my post on summer coolers last year.......

This is the link to the picture published in TOI...


  1. That's sad. But earlier too I have read bloggers complaining about TOI using their pics without any notification. You must write to them and seek an explnation.They should apologise.

  2. It is an offense. The TOI didn't play nice. Very sad indeed.

  3. Hi Sangeeta,
    You should definitely write to the editor of TOI. This is so wrong...they could have mentioned your name or invited you to share your recipe rather than copying it outright....

  4. thanks everybody...i have already written to them and have given the link to this post waiting if they bother to respond.

  5. this happens yar,..feeling bad for u

  6. he he...noteyet100..

    strangely i am not feeling bad about it..
    any kind of plagiarism should be .... kind of flattering ....

    i feel bad about those guys who cannot do their job properly and do not know courtesy..

  7. I can't believe they did this !!
    I will be sending an email to them...
    they should have the common sense to acknowledge you...

  8. write to them Sangeeta. this should not be tolerated. let us know what they come up with.

  9. Thanks Ranju...common sense is the most uncommon thing here.

    Thanks Sayantani....i have already communicated to them n that was actually for them to know that it has been caught ..... and i don't expect any civil reaction from them anyway.

  10. Dear sangeeta
    This is the limit...Let me see If I can track one friend who worked for TOI and is still there or not. Call up TOI customer service and tell them to connect to the editor ..
    dont let it go.
    ANy way some poor guy has earned few bucks thanks to you !!!

  11. That is bad !!! really bad. Firstly approval and then acknowledgement is what should have happened. I hope Ushish can track it down. You don't expect this from a newspaper like TOI.

  12. I heard one of the newspapers copied the content of someone's blog and published it as theirs....

    This is unethical.

  13. thats horrible! i cant believe its in TOI too, a few years ago atleast it was a well reputed newspaper. you have got to write to them.

  14. Bloggers have become such easy targets.I'm sorry this happened to you too.Must report to the news agency.

  15. Well, the silver lining to this murky episode is that a picture taken by you got PUBLISHED!!!...that too in a newspaper of repute..the only trouble is that you did not get credit for that :( your picture should definitely have been acknowledged

  16. Hmm....I actually felt about the fact that anybody can just google for pictures and use any of them for any seems to be a bit eerie ....

    And off course bloggers work hard n passionately for their posts and such a malicious act is uncomfortable...

    Also , i have been thinking that we should not believe blindly to the media stories and this one murky episode has further established that their research ( if they try n find everything online ) may not be realistic always....

    Thanks everybody ...

  17. Sangeeta,

    Even have informed few fellow blogger friends if there dish pops in any advice would be to tag your blogs name bold in center of the pics you publish on blog those ones are not copied by these magazines they just copy ones without name tags.N many tamil magazines hv been doing this hv send many mails but no response !!its better v be careful abt it..


  18. Thanks Kalpana for the advice ... I have been really lazy in watermarking my pictures.
    Hope i will start doing it some day :)


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