cabbage stir fry in sesame curry paste

I make a sesame powder mix which comes handy when quick stir fried veggies have to be made and it has been very very good with all the vegetables which tend to soften and get mushy after cooking ....the sesame paste makes a rich saucy coating to the stir fries and the flavor of the toasted sesame lends an incredible flavor to the dish......

This sesame powder is a simple blend of dry coconut, dry red chillies and toasted sesame seeds, the making of the powder is so quick that you don't even need to make it in bulk and keep in a jar, though you can always do that for your convenience. I prefer making it instantly as it just requires toasting the sesame seeds in the microwave for a minute and then other ingredients are also toasted for a few seconds, all powdered together in a mixie and ready to go. A few variations with this powder makes it a very intelligent ready to use ingredient........

This stir fry i made a few days ago when some unexpected guests arrived on a short notice, i made this as a side dish and though it was a big kadhai full of this I did not click a single picture because it was not on my mind.

I realized when i was asked for the recipe and whether it is already on the blog, so when i was keeping the leftovers in the fridge i thought of taking a picture and the leftover bowl of the yummy cabbage stir fry comes to you...............sorry !!!

The beauty of this stir fry is not just the sesame powder, but the fact that the cabbage which can give you shudders while chopping chopped very roughly , in large chunks and then it is separated into leafy layers during the cooking process........
The ingredients picture i clicked just now and uploaded on the computer quickly......


for the powder 

2 tbsp sesame seeds toasted
1 tbsp dry coconut flakes
  or 5-6 small slices as shown in the picture
3-4 dry red chillies or to taste

for the stirfry...

one large head of fresh cabbage
4 large ripe tomatoes
mustard or any oil 1 tsp
salt to taste
cumin seeds 1 tsp
curry patta 2-3 springs


Microwave the sesame seeds for a minute, add the coconut slices and microwave for another 30 sec, add the red chillies and microwave for just 5 seconds (otherwise you will end up sneezing uncontrollably)..

Alternatively dry roast everything in pan while tossing constantly till aromatic and the sesame seeds start popping.

Cool the mixture and grind together to make a powder, i call it a paste because the oi content of sesame n coconut make it a pasty powder........keep aside.

Chop the cabbage in large chunks, chop the tomatoes in large chunks too.

Heat oil in  a wide pan and throw in the cumin seeds and wait till they splutter, throw in the curry patta and fry them for a couple of seconds.

Add the tomatoes and the salt add keep covered till the tomatoes are soft, open the lid and thrash the tomatoes to make them slushy.

Add the cabbage and mix well, stir and cook for a while till the cabbage gets softer and reduces in volume.

add the sesame powder and keep stirring to mix and to separate the leaves of the cabbage .......the stir fry looks beautiful with curled up cabbage chunks coated with a red saucy masala need to add water as the cabbage releases enough water to make the powder saucy and gets coated.

Serve hot as a side dish or just with chapatis as we had the leftovers ...a good filling for a sandwich too.

It has a nice roasted flavor of sesame seeds and the coconut lends a very nice texture and body to the thick coating sauce ....the tomatoes and curry patta combined with red chillies make a bursting hot n sour flavor to enhance a simple stir fry into a special dish...........second and third helpings should be expected with this...


  1. Looks very tempting. I haven't ever made this version before. Looking great!

  2. Something different and interesting. :)

  3. Sesame paste sounds very flavorful Sangeetha...must have tasted great with cabbage...may be I should try the same with different veggies too...:)

  4. Sangeeta, I am loving the recipe and can really taste it in my head. I am surely going to make it soon :)

  5. this really sounds awesome! bookmarked!

  6. Looks so tempting ...i will give it the old collage try for sure

  7. very new for me, like to try this stir-fry...its all cabbage...same pinch, me too blogged abt cabbage:):)

  8. My mouth is watering at this curry cabbage.

  9. first time in your blog
    lovely recipe

  10. Tried this today and blogged about it. It came out very well and loved by all. Thank you so very much for sharing such wonderful recipe :)

  11. Thanks Priya for the lovely words on your blog and for a great feedback..

  12. u hav got a new fan Sangeeta :) .. Happy to follow u


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