thanking all of you with a smile.....

Words are not enough to thank all of you my friends , all your heartfelt words meant a lot to me and i am so grateful to God to have sent so many nice people my way ........

I get such good vibes from all the wonderful people communicating with me and you would be pleased to know that i am trying my best to be cheerful and happy even though there are moments when i feel my heart sinking like a wrecked ship....those are my moments of solitude , i try and keep myself cheerful for everybody around ...i am reading books , all those books i wanted to read n have collected over time....though reading books is making me lazy too .....i am always siting on the couch and not moving for hours....someone kick my butt to move ....move on ....:)

The last post of mine which i posted with a heavy heart has been a sorry face of my blogs for so many days has to change now as i don't want anymore sorry messages...i feel actually guilty whenever somebody feels shock reading those lines and drops a line to me ......... i feel like cheating you all when i am enjoying all the pleasures, yes i am cooking and taking pictures too and doing so many more things , not sad anymore ...........i owe this to all my friends here tell you all that i am enjoying all the small little things in my life , Mithi will be there with me , always a guardian angel whatever i do wherever i go........

I am going to places i like , apart from window shopping n visiting friends , i visited a couple of agriculture and horticulture fairs ( held at IARI campus, Pusa , New Delhi ) was truly wonderful ...i clicked a lot if pictures of flowers and colorful plants and so many other garden paraphernalia , some of the pictures you can see...........

Assorted decorative pots made of terracotta and ceramic.........

 Brussels sprouts , so rarely available in the stores here n very pricey , it was good to see the plants.........

So many colors in veggies , do i love veggies as much as i love flowers ????

Does it bring a smile on your face ?? I feel so happy to see vegetables like this......

There were more flowers on display and i took pictures of those as well , but these veggies suit better for this blog veggies were on sale too and we got these beautiful fresh produce home , i picked up the summer squashes as they are grown here in the campus ( within 2 Km radius of my home ) , got just 2 colored bell peppers as Arvind is allergic to them n i can use them just for myself.......

 I made a colorful n cheerful pasta salad with them..........

 The bell peppers will be used later for a roasted bell peppers pasta probably . All the colored veggies make for a happy dinner for me but someone picks up the pasta shells only....:)

I bought plants of parsley and celery too and hope they will grow well and provide me with fresh flavors whenever needed......

I love you all for being with me in my difficult time , i have missed reading so many wonderful blogs in the past couple of months but i will catch up with everybody and will read everything as i learn so many new things from you all .....:)


  1. Dear Sangeeta,
    glad that you are feeling better...
    nice pictures !!
    even though I am a picky eater, going to the vegetable market always makes me happy...

  2. Dear,
    Good to know that you are moving on albeit the sinking feeling now and then. Time heals all wounds or so it is believed. Chin up my dear. Love the Pasta Primavera. :)

  3. Dear Sangeetha...I am glad to see you back. I am also very happy that you are feeling better now...take care and waiting for all your innovative and healthy recipes :) take care dear.

  4. Dear Sangeeta,
    Very Happy to see you here again, with lot of colorful things to truly means to move on..if we were not sad, how could we know what happiness is, and value should always do things what you like the most to do it..along with keeping everyone happy..would be waiting for your next posts...

  5. I felt so happy to read your new post with all these wonderful veggie pics. I love all kind of veggies:-) I am glad that you are moving forward in such a difficult time...You`re amazing..keep going n always be happy

  6. You are amazing and I am glad you are taking life full on. Though, you always were a brave spirit. I am sure whatever you do, Mithi's spirit will always be smiling down on you and keeping you company. Welcome back.

  7. Good to see you bounce back...We are all aware that this is extremely dificult for is very difficult to let go of the pain because we sometimes equate letting go with forgetting. However, I've learned that healing, or letting go of the pain, does not mean forgetting because moving on with life does not necessarily mean that we don't take a part of our lost love with us....memories is something that no one can steal from you....not even death! Cherish and treasure those memories.There are many ways to keep our children alive in our hearts and in the hearts of other people as well. I am certain, right now, Mithi is very happy and proud of you as well.

  8. Dear Sangeeta
    I am really glad that you are back .Though it isn't easy for u to overcome with grief , as we all know that our lil angel mithi is no more with us but she is still alive in our memories & I am sure we all going to cherish her memories forever which will keep u inspiring to move on in life . God bless u .

  9. dear Sangeeta,
    I'm happy to see you back on the path, keep going !!!

    I've always beleived that colours brighten up our gloomy days, they bring a kinda wellness to my mind!!! the ceramic & terracota pots look amusing with all those different animals ... almost a mini zoo I'd say, hahaha and the pasta looks good and colourful too!!!

    cheers !!!

  10. :)

    Good to see you back. While you were away, I tried one of your recipes..and it was so delicious and quick.

    God bless you :-*

  11. hey Sangeeta, you were missed a lot...the clicks look so colorful and warm, this shows your way of looking at the your vision..waiting to see more and more colorful dishes too..


  12. like the first 2 post recipe of pasta in next post........

  13. Thank you everybody ...for all the warm smiles here...:)

  14. So glad to see you back sangeeta.The vibrant cheerful pasta sounds fantastic :D

  15. Dear Sangeeta,
    In a few years you will be able to face all memories with a smile!
    In fact I love veggie pix, they are so bright and cheerful....better than flowers sometimes!

  16. Sangeeta, I am so glad to see you back in the blogosphere with all of your foodie friends.

    I love the brussels sprout plants-Wow. Brussels Sprouts are one of my favorite vegetable. Love it.

    It is going to be great to see you cooking and sharing your recipes with us.

  17. Hey Sangeeta, I am so glad to see a post from you!
    I hope now you will start posting regularly, I know nothin can change the past but I sincerely hope god gives you enough strength to deal with it. Your recipes are always so healthy and very innovative! Hats off to you! Take care!

  18. Dear Sangeeta, good to see you back:) I am very happy to see this post. Good that you are getting better each day. Yes, Mithi is always there piece in each and every thing you do:)

    Exactly colors makes us cheerful. Flowers, veggies, grasslands, even garment shops is the best place to visit. Brusels sprouts plant looks wonderful, never seen this plant before'. Pata with multi colored veggies sounds awesome.:)

    Take care,

  19. Dear Sangeeta,
    Good to read your post....Glad that you are back....YEs Mithi gonna be always smiling with U guys from her special place.....It's hard but life has to go on.....every now & then kept checking your blog for the comeback & i'm really happy to see the post these pics of veggies & flowers....

    colorful pasta looks so all time fav.

    take care,
    hugs & smiles

  20. Dear Sangeetha...I am glad to see you back. I am also very happy that you are feeling better now...take care and waiting for all your innovative and healthy recipes...Missed ur posts..Hope to see u more often...

  21. Dear Sangeetha...Its so good to see you back..I'm glad you are keeping urself busy and doing things that you love.. Mithi wd love that too of you to be happy and cherish her memories..Keep writing. LOve ur colorful pasta. Love ur decorative terracotta pots..

  22. It is a pleasure to have you back and know that you have my love and support.

  23. Welcome back!! Glad to see you Nice pictures!!

  24. hey sangeeta, i loved this pasta pic and was waiting eagerly for the recipe but finally made it myself going by the photo....and taking guidance from your mushroom/shallot turned out to be awesome.....i love the fact that it is such a nice way to consume so many good looking vegetables which are ofcourse healthy :) i make different versions of pasta but this picture of yours inspired me to go and buy all these vegetables..

    I had also tried 2 of your recipes when i had guests at my home 2 weeks back.i was trying to make some different starters which are of course healthy since my guest is also health food fanatic like me
    she had only introduced me to zuchini few days back....
    i made....i) zuchini stir fry ii) hara bhara kabab both turned out to be equally good...and even both the "husbands" loved it :-)
    thanks for churning out so unique recipes from your kitchen...
    this is so far my second comment but i read your blog regularly since i have come to it (7 months back) and have even tried out many recipes...'thanks a lot.....i am becoming a better cook now .....hehe..

  25. Hey Crazy..
    Thanks a lot by letting me know about this ....this is the real motivation i get here...
    keep in touch .


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