poached eggs in spinach blanket ....n how i planted the garlic pods..

This simple recipe is for someone whose daughter wants a perfectly undisturbed egg yolk in a poached egg , many of us treat a double fry of eggs as poach too , just because the yolk is kept intact n not beaten like in an omelet ( my wild guess ....actually, poaching is done in water but fried ones are also called poach by a few people in this part of the world ) ...any way , what's in a name and this poached egg is actually a blanketed egg n hence no confusion of a name .:-)

It is mostly a quick snack for someone who refuses to grow up , so this recipe is fit for children , they can make it themselves ....and not get the yolk broken and eat 6-7 big leaves of spinach along with it....isn't it a healthy option.........

it's not much of a recipe actually , an idea of making it easily n quickly............

Just take a microwave safe bowl which can accommodate 2 eggs ( or as many as you intend to poach ) line the bowl with 6-7 big fresh spinach leaves and break the eggs in the center , sprinkle salt n pepper and a dash of EVVO ( or butter or it can be made absolutely fat free too ) , fold the spinach leaves to cover the eggs and then cover the bowl with a lid or a small glass or ceramic plate ....

microwave for 2 minutes , check if you wish to have runny center yolks .....adjust the cooking time according to how firm you want the yolks....we like it firm n 2 minutes is enough .......take out  , transfer to a plate if you have to take a picture :-)

Or enjoy in the same bowl.......herbs or cheese can be added as per choice .......

If it is for children , sprinkle cheese on the top and see how they smile and eat a healthy snack...it can be a meal too.....someone here is completely that type.......anything apart from daal - roti - subzi is a great meal for him....:-)

Owing to the queries about the garlic greens used in my last post , i planted a few garlic pods in a chipped bowl to keep on my window sill ......keep some garlic pods in a paper bag for a week n you will find them growing sprouts , now they will grow faster if planted but any garlic pods can be planted for this purpose......see how i just pushed them into loose soil and then watered a little to keep it moist ...i shall keep updating the growth to show how easy it is to grow them at home . Even if you do not get any direct sunlight , you can get small 3-4 inch babies out of them to be used in soups etc.

i love this bowl of mine as it has made my daughter smile for a long time n now it is going to bring a smile on many faces i am sure....a tiny sprout of one of the garlic pods is peeping through........to say hi..


  1. Cute bowl and a great way to poach eggs.

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  3. Dear Sangeeta
    This dish is really innovative and I am going to make it immediately although my growth period is over many decades back :-)
    So you are growing garlic green too...great..so one farmer will earn less and it may affect Indian economy (micro) too...:-) have a nice day

  4. Poached eggs in spinach basket looks wonderful! I have never microwave cooked eggs before.. got to try that! and your green garlic pods look like they are already going strong! I am going to follow their growth.. my hope is to be able to grow them at some point myself :)

  5. poached eggs along with the spinach sounds interesting;

    the garlic plantation in the smiling bowl is an amazing idea; will try to experiment this with my teddies!!

  6. This recepie is so interesting!!!...I can hardly wait to try this out...only trouble is that my microwave is out of order these days :(

    I love this bowl already.....And please convey my 'hi!' to that garlic sprout

  7. Nice idea to poach eggs, love the idea of spinach blanket..I can try this tomorrow for breakfast...I am my husband will love this dish :)

  8. That's a very cute bowl! I've tried all that, garlic, potatoes, ginger, after a while I lose interest, have other things to keep me busy :(

  9. Interesting recipe....they look yumm. Lovely bowl :).

  10. Hey sangeeta...such a nice recipe...very good idea of microwaving eggs with spinach leaves.Hey liked ur baby garlic plants...now evn i vl try to grow it in my kitchen garden...though i have a small one

  11. Nice idea for eggs.....love your garlicky bowl....

  12. wow spinach and eggs is a very healthy and a unique combo together...looks very nice and i love ur bowl too...so cute

  13. thats a nice technique for poached eggs Sangeeta. I dint know about it will try it this weekend with home grown spinach.

    love the garlic planting process also.

  14. Same here, me too expect undisturbed yolk in poached eggs. This is unique recipe...never had them before' looks splendid.

    Thanks for the warm comments at my space, it means so much to me:)

    I promptly read the intro'...once I get really comfortable with the blogger' then I comment with energy'...otherwise, till then will be safely talking about 'just recipe'. I am a big fan of your knowledge'(esp' in native herbs, health tips).


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