green cauliflowers stirfried

Last year when i had many fresh cauliflowers from  my garden, it was time to experiment with innovative ideas to cook this veggie ...the garden fresh caulis were so yummy that they could be roasted without a trace of oil n tasted heavenly ..... this year my cauliflowers in the garden are in this stage n i have to wait for while ......

They look like pretty babies right now.....the cauliflowers available in the market are good too as at this time of the year it's their peak season n they taste best when in season . I make a green curry paste which is very different from the thai curry paste but tastes great with some stews like this one and for green roasted cauliflowers ...i made a stirfry with this paste but used a byproduct of home made coconut oil this time...


green coriander leaves chopped 1 cup
grated coconut 1 heaped tbsp ( i used 2 tbsp of the fiber leftover after coconut oil making)
green chillies 4-5
cumin seeds 1 tsp
ginger chopped in julienne 1 tbsp
salt to taste
cauliflower florets 2 cups or  a few more
oil 1 tsp

 Make a paste of all the ingredients except oil , cauliflower flrorets and ginger julienne.

Heat oil in a heavy base kadai ( i used my wrought iron kadai as usual ) and throw in the cauli florets and the ginger julienne , sprinkle salt and cover for 2 minutes to cook on low heat will be half done by then..

Dunk in the green paste , mix well and cook covered for another couple of minutes....let one side of the florets become lightly browned , then turn them to brown some more and it's ready to serve....see the pictures of different stages of cooking........

It should be a dry curry with a bit crunchy cauliflowers , if you find that they are getting soggy , you can cook them uncovered n keep them crunchy of soft according to your choice...we had it with multigrain chapatis ...yummy light subzi with seasonal ingredients..

Would you like it this way ????? or stuffed inside a grilled sandwich ? The choice is your's and you can find many more ways to eat this yummy light can add a dash of lemon juice to it but for me the aroma of coriander stems n a subtle taste of coconut is a deadly combination....cumin seeds give an earthy flavor for the pan roast ............

I loved it with lots of crunchy lettuce wrapped inside a multigrain chapati to make a kathi roll..........


  1. hey sangeeta nice stirfry..m trying it 2morrow for sure...i was searching for some new cauliflower sabzi and got it here..thnx for it

  2. Love to eat subzi's wrapped in roti....nice recipe...

  3. I always like to wrap the subzi with rotis, looks good.


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