glazed carrot salad with walnuts , sesame n lemon : desi style

I eat a lot of salads but it is mostly without any dressing ............ i chop some carrots , radishes, cucumbers , lettuce etc. in a big bowl every morning and keep it on the dining table ...the target is to finish it during the day....... it works for me this way , no extra oil , fat or salt is taken and you eat lots of greens and mindless snacking is curbed as i pick up a handful now n then and keep munching on them..........

But sometimes i make a proper dressed salad ( fat free mostly) or a warm salad , a honey glazed orange carrot is an oft repeated salad , the recipe will come here in future .... this time i made it with lemon as i am getting a lot of lemons from my garden and to make it truly desi i used jaggery for a caramelized was yummy and i have repeated the recipe several times this season.....perfect for lunch....

ingredients ...

carrots sliced 3 cups
curly leaf lettuce 2-3 leaves torn
lemon juice 2 tbsp
jaggery crushed 1.5 tbsp ( can be replaced with molasses or brown sugar or honey )
sesame toasted 1 tbsp
walnuts a handful
freshly crushed pepper 1 tsp or a bit more
salt to taste
oil 1 tsp ( i used EVOO )


Toast sesame seeds till aromatic n popped up , i did it in microwave . Break walnuts into small pieces and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan and tip the carrots in it , add salt and stirfry on medium heat till they change color but not cooked ( takes about 2 minutes), sprinkle the crushed jaggery , lemon juice and pepper powder and stir well on high heat now........the jaggery will get watery first and then it will coat the carrot pieces like caramel , glazing them ( takes another 2 minutes).........remove from heat.

To assemble , place torn lettuce leaves in the base of a plate or bowl , and place the glazed carrots in the center , sprinkle sesame seeds and walnuts ...mix them a bit ...some extra sesame seeds in each of the luttuce leaves will taste awesome.........

serve immediately .... wrap some carrot slices in the lettuce , folding in some of the nuts and see how it fills your senses with crunchy, nutty , lemony n caramel flavors.........i love it.....can have it for all meals of the day , seven days a week............that good... 

enjoy........all the omega 3's , the vitamin A and C.........don't forget the fiber........tasty way to stay fit..........


  1. Dear Sangeeta
    The dressing is tempting me to eat salad..Normally I always kept myself away from raw vegetables. But it seems if I continue to read your blog ( which I will do) I will be brainwashed thoroughly to start eating salads soon and have some health benefit.

  2. Love salads and most of the time use jaggery for all sweets. But never tried adding jaggery in salads, very interesting indeed. Will try out next tim.e

  3. Love the idea of adding jaggery in the salad dressing. Looks healthy!

  4. Thats a whole lot of new idea for me...never had this kind of salad...sounds very interesting.

  5. A healthy salad to stay fit sounds like magical words to me. Absolutely love this recipe dear.

  6. Jaggery...ummm....something new for salads but sounds interestin....& delicious....

  7. hey yummy salad...nice combination sangeeta...jagerry and sesame seeds with lemon vl give a nice taste

  8. wow, sounds like a really tempting salad! My favorite way of eating salads is also mostly without dressing or just a bit of olive oil-lemon juice-salt & pepper dressing. This one looks wonderful and perfect for these freshly in season winter carrots!

  9. So flavorful are a genious

  10. looks too good,Nice idea of adding sesame seeds in it,gives it a nice crunch

  11. I love eating salads too, but always with a bread beside; I also love adding nuts and cheese cubes to my salads; yours look very interesting with the addition of jaggery, must have been tasted sweet, sour and crunchy at the same time; very nice idea adding the sesame seeds too (have you roasted them?)
    thank you for stopping by mine to leave a comment, you have got a wonderful healthy blog too, lots of reminders to eat healthy, will come back often to pick up your healthy tips!!nice work!!


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